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  1. Positivity Is key but it is hard to be positive when acne kills your confidence. Its like telling someone with a broken leg to walk it off. Its not that easy. I try to have a positive attitude but its fake. So yea I understand. I went on a few dates in my 20s and tried to be social while having bad acne. I just had to force myself and have a full on panic attack then recover and go out and do it. Force yourself to be happy and see what happens. Shitty advice but that's what I did. Btw my f
  2. Only people who mention his "acne" and scars are superficial TMZ type people. I didn't even know he had acne or scaring until I read on article about "top 10 celebs who look horrible in HD". Brad Pitt was on there. I was like wtf? You call those scars? Makes me want to jump off a bridge.
  3. Texas heat and humidity is killing me. Summer is coming.
  4. Good thread. I'm glad you feel that way deep down inside. Reason I totally haven't gave up on life just yet is because I kind of feel the same way. I'm not big on motivational speeches , words don't do shit for me really. I do admire and draw motivation from martial artists. My favorite fighter is Nick Diaz. I can relate to him a lot. I'm too dumb to embed a video on this forum. I haven't figured it out yet.
  5. I guess you all are talking about Misc. I think he is a dude with real problems. Acne can warp our minds so instead of arguing with him just show support and move on. Most of the stuff he says is out of sheer anger and depression its understandable. Acne can do that to a man. We cope by raging sometimes and the dude needs an outlet. Then again I'm more patient and understanding than most.
  6. Hey I don't know what happened but I know how beneficial this board can be for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of people in real life to talk about the stress acne causes us. Here there is a bunch of understanding people and I know personally sometimes it gets me through the day to check in here and share our feelings and stuff. It felt good to read your thread about how you are going on a date soon and how we on this board helped you feel better enough to say yes. Thats pretty awesome.
  7. sorry you had to go through that experience. those kids are idiots but most kids that age don't know any better. people don't know how bad words can hurt someone and unfortunately some people never learn even into adulthood. I've been through stuff like a barber pointing out my acne to the other barbers while making recommendations on how to get rid of it while I'm sitting there getting my haircut feeling helpless and wanting to rage. Most severe was a coworker of mine after a disagreement t
  8. Deceiving is a strong word but I can imagine how tough it could be for a woman to cover up her acne and feel guilty when guys look at her thinking she has clear skin. But isn't that the point of make up? Women wear fake lashes, make their lips appear bigger, outline their eyes etc. etc. The idea of make up is kind of weird if you really think about it anyway and its socially acceptable. So whatever. Now if you wore like a push up bra then thats deceitful. Plus guys don't care about acne as
  9. Dim room with light coming in through a window or open door. Or in my car.
  10. I'm not clear yet but I havent had a cyst in years. Now I'm morbidly depressed because of the scarring. Never can catch a break.
  11. If I had a alpha jaw and chin like you I'd be happy even with scars. You are probably trying to get with the wrong type of girl.
  12. This. Everyone gave Misc a hard time about the things he said but one thing he said that's true is life is harder for guys with acne and scars. Women are naturally beautiful period no matter whhat. With men we need a body, a "cute" face etc. Its hard being a ugly guy.
  13. Yes. That's why I have severe anxiety and never have a moments peace in my head.
  14. Yea nothing worse than being a ugly guy. Women do have it much easier. I always hear how personality and confidence trumps all but in reality you also need some kind of physical attraction to at least get your foot in the door to show that personality. I'm an ugly motherf*cker and on top of that I have acne scars so to at least get a females attention I have to go above and beyond the normal person just so a girl can notice that I even exist Then from there I have to say and do all the right th
  15. what a horrible thing to say seriousl. What goes around comes around. Yea and that was said to me as a grown ass man. It was a coworker I had a small disagreement with and that is the shit he said. I've always been a easy target that is why I can't even disagree with someone and be assertive. I wish the whole what goes around comes around thing was true but its not. That guy has a beautiful wife, 2 kids and is doing pretty well to this day. I see him around once in a while. I don't wish
  16. I wish I had your attitude. Lately I've been on the verge of losing it my anxiety is killing me man. Going to work is harder to do now in days. Reading that line is inspirational. And oh yea even tho I didn't have acne in high school I can relate to everything you wrote. I'd sneak into the hallways and hide in the stairwells or the bathroom until the bell rang too. Your post brought back a lot of memories, a lot of bad ones. My life has sucked so bad man wtf. I've never been good enough for peo
  17. Well I had a girlfriend during the height of my acne. She actually liked me for me and didn't care about the fact that my face was pretty bad at the time. Sometimes I'd get clearer than usual then break out really bad at times and it would hurt my confidence to the point where I didn't want to go out even with her. After a while she dumped me and I blamed my acne and thought she was superficial but in reality I was a really boring person to be around because I was always down on myself. I can't
  18. I'm 31 and still get acne. WHen is my freakin prefrontal cortex going to develop already! wtfffff
  19. Yes at 19 is when it started for me. Before that in high school I was pretty clear so I guess its normal. Unlike my parents however, you seem to really care and are trying to help her. Don't stop being there for her and I really do hope with your help she can get clear soon. Best of luck.
  20. @greeneyed Yea I can imagine how exposure therapy can do more harm than good for some people. From what I've read it seems to make sense to me and should work if done properly, but I'm not sure if it applies to people whos anxiety is caused by acne/scaring.
  21. I can relate I'm sure we all can. I know it feels good to rant and get stuff off your chest. I'm way older than you so I cant give you advice about dealing with your acne at school. Only thing I can say is dont waste your youth. Sorry I'm not much help but I needed to reply because I did read it all. Wish I could help bro. You really should open up to someone you know.