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  1. naw dont say fuck it. keep trying to treat it. worst thing you can do is ignore it. i kind of just forgot about it and tried to live a normal life with acne and now im all scarred up.
  2. yes because i have become relegated to working with my hands doing manual labor in a type of job i absolutely hate and probably a job that made my acne even worse. my goal right now it trying to regain some sense of normalcy. im afraid i will never feel that again.
  3. yea at work i feel customers staring at me as i work on their cars. there is a computer terminal i have to work on that is right next to the customer waiting window that looks into the shop. sometimes people are there and i feel so embarrassed having to stand there at that computer while i feel them staring at me probably thinking wtf is wrong with his face.
  4. been stressin and broke out with a few. im numb right now its whatever. im tired. tomorrow is another day unfortunately. @ ibiza hey are you ok? if anyone knows about anxiety and depression its me. id bet money im the worst off here when it comes to that. you offered help to me if i needed to talk a while back and the same goes to you. you're posts seem pretty dark lately. you should really talk to your husband and get it out of the way. i guarantee you will feel a million times better. just
  5. well currently I'm being made fun of at work what a surprise... for those of you who say my acne isn't that bad tell this fools lol. it's like everyday man, I'm like dame these people are so sad picking on me for that. it doesn't effect me though I've moved past that a while ago, in fact I laugh whenever they say something. it's funny to me how childish they are. luckily they allow earplugs so I just use that all day long lol, works pretty well mostly. once a make some $ I'll start checking out
  6. yea I saw this post this morning and didn't know what to type because Flagg basically summed it all up. All the positive support everyone is giving you is pretty awesome tho and true. Your trippin. Just two things. I love your eyes. Your sisters bf sounds like a douche.
  7. dude thats awesome. i remember your one of the first members whos pics I looked at because you had dermarolling progress pics up. glad things are going well for you.
  8. yea I live in the harlingen area. I just type whatever I think and sometimes I go back and read my posts and they usually dont make sense lol but glad your putting in the effort. thats all you have to do and you owe it to yourself bro. yea f*ck it. kick some ass.
  9. South Texas like 30 mintues from the Mexican border. I hate this place but I'm too poor and dont have the will to get my shit together enough to leave this place. how about you?
  10. Me too. Waking up is the hardest part. I deal with anxiety and "dark" thoughts all day every day and it really does scare me. I cannot control it and I'm afraid it will never stop. I still want to live tho for whatever reason so I fight it but it is a very tiring way to live. Like I mentioned before I lost tons of weight and I generally feel unhealthy. I dont feel like a man at all. I dont know what to do. I wasnt trying to belittle your situation I was just trying to give you an objective opi
  11. ok figured it out i talked to my dad like a month ago about how i feel and he basically told me this shit i wish i was like my dad
  12. anyways I could of swore i read somewhere on your profile or maybe one of your posts that you are an endurance athlete and that you started to do it to cope with depression? if not sorry dude i feel like a dumbass but anyway the running part is what inspired me to get back into jogging and bike riding something I used to do before I became morbidly depressed and lost tons of weight and the little muscle mass i use to have. as far as your scars sometimes i wonder if some of you people are jus
  13. Shit man I'm at work on my phone and I really want to respond to this the way I want but I 100 percent relate even to the dental work part. You sre actually a member here I admire not in a homo way but inspirational way. I wanted to bring you up in other threads but I couldnt remember your name I just remember you as the runner guy. Stay up bro ill post later its hard to type on a phone.
  14. Yea kills my confidence too, matter of fact I've met girls with acne and scars who still don't even look my way because they got options anyway. Its harder for us guys for sure. of course there will be arguments from women on this board but they have no idea. unfortunately i cant even grow a beard to cover this shit i call a face. i am so beta.
  15. Sorry I assumed he knew about your acne but it still bothered you and the subject never came up during your marriage. Realistically he probably has noticed and doesnt care. I live with extreme anxiety too so I know that feeling. Opening up to your hubby will take a giant weight off your shoulders and I'm sure he will still love you.
  16. You have a husband he apparently must love you and you are still not happy?
  17. I know that feeling. That is the story of my life. My brother has stopped talking to me I guess I'm annoying him with my depressing b.s. have no one else to turn to. My dad is a alpha who never had skin problems haS always been buff and he sees me as a failure. He hsnt said it but I'm sure he does. My mom never calls me and if I call her it sounds like I'm bothering her. Idk what to tell you I'm trying to figure sh*t out myself. But I'm here for you if you read this.
  18. no if you have acne then that's the way you look. I dont imagine what people look like without it I just accept the fact that its there. As a acne sufferer myself that's all that I ask for from others. Acceptance.
  19. I disagree. It's hard for women,too! What world do you live in? We live in a world where everything is fucking airbrushed and photoshopped. Media is always talking crap about Kim Kardashian being fat (hellooo she's pregnant, for God's sakes) or any other celebrity's looks. Every ad you see, the girls or thin, have poreless, clear, flawless skin. How is that supposed to make us feel? honestly its all in your head. those girls on the ad they are there to sell you shit. reality is people dont w
  20. any of those dudes can have acne and scars and still get dates. my theory is either you have clear skin and can still not be as attractive and live a normal life or you can look alpha like those guys and still have scars and acne. like brad pitt. (even tho his acne and scars aren't even bad)
  21. This. People talk sh*t until you show them whats up. My entire 20's was spent fighting with co-workers who talked sh*t. It gets old tho. I have no future.
  22. like crap. i work outdoors and its super humid. i can cook an egg on my face with all the grease i'm producing. life could be so much better.
  23. Cassie when you say scars you mean red marks right? I read an obscure article somewhere on the internet how some lady with acne scars used coconut oil and supposedly her skin went back to normal. but I notice a lot of people say acne scars when referring to red marks not just actual like "holes" scarring. I think at this point I'm willing to try anything to make my scars look at least half as good.