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  1. I'm not in Dan's Regimen exactly but I hope I can help. 3 months ago I went to am Acne Specialist here in the Bay Area. She put me on 5% Bp at night and mandelic acid in the morning. I am practically clear (only one irrelevant active spot). I use to have moderate-severe acne and I can say that the bp at night only may take more while to work but it can eventually clear you up.
  2. I tried it for a little over two months and I made my acne from moderate to very severe. That was the lowest point of my acne. I would advise you not to use it, but of course everyone's skin is different.
  3. It may obviously vary by brand, but my experience with beeswax was horrific. I used Nad's Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips for my upper lip and it made me have one of the worst breakouts I have ever had. After waxing with beeswax, I got 4 painful cysts on my upper lip. One of them left me with a scar and other two left me with red marks. One red mark has not completely faded yet and that happened about 5 months ago. I continued getting more cysts on my upper lip for four weeks and then it stoppe
  4. Hello everyone. This thread has been very helpful for me. Just reading everyone's post gives me a perspective of how acne can psychologically affect people. I have severe acne and oh my it's so terrible that it has affected my life. I don't go out during the day. To eat, I wait until it gets dark first and then go through a drive thru. It's just embarrassing. I have to fix my car, which will require me to go out during the day. I need to do that today or tomorrow because I'm moving next week to
  5. I've been taking Zinc for about six weeks and still no improvement. I am still having breakouts. Though, I am going to do it for three months to see if Zinc helps me.
  6. I bought the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil line and it didn't work for me. It clogged my pores and it was weird because no other treatment before made me have those little skin colored bumps that made me have a rough skin texture. Some of those bumps though eventually became whiteheads. I think it was the facial wash as it has Sodium Laureth Sulfate as the third ingredient.
  7. Wow great improvement. Your red marks have also been fading quite fast. Do you attribute that to the AHA+? I used the Exposed Acne Treatment 7 months ago and it ruined my skin. Their BP made my red marks last longer. The regimen also has BP, but I'm thinking of trying it cause I am sick of having acne.
  8. I have the same thing, hirsutism. I have excessive hair growth all over my body and it's embarrassing. I sometimes get a pimple in my back, but it's not even moderate. My facial acne is another story. I started getting acne when I turned 18 and I just turned 20, so for two years I have had facial acne. I have horrible facial hair, like not peach fuzz but visible thick black hairs in my face and neck. I am planning to do laser hair removal for my body, but considering I am a college student I am
  9. I start my junior year of college in late August and I don't know what I will do to cover my acne. My face was getting better about a few months back, but then suddenly I started getting like 6 painful cysts or nodules on my chin. My cheeks are also horrible because my red marks have still not healed completely from 7 months ago. They are clearly visible because I have fair skin. So I am in the same boat. I have not left the house during the day for months too, after I finished the spring seme
  10. What shade do you use? My skin tone is sorta like yours in the first pic. I bought the Buff in the revlon color stay for normal/dry skin, but still waiting for that to arrive in the mail. I have yellow undertones, or I believe so, so I first bought the warm golden and it was too dark.
  11. Yes, I tried the exposed acne treatment for two months then I stopped. I think it was sensitive to the BP because after two months, my face didn't respond well. My acne went from moderate to very severe when I was using the treatment. There was no improvement at all after several weeks. Exposed acne treatment also left me with persistant red marks that I still have after 6 months. I also believe because I am sensitive to BP, it caused to get scars.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, do you think that the vitamin D supplement helped your skin in a matter of days. I had severe acne( and still looks like it because of the red marks and acne scars), but it was improving ever since I had at about 5 minutes of sunshine everyday when I went to school. Once my semester finished, I never went out in the day and within a week and a half I started getting big painful cysts on my chin. Just last week, I had 6 cysts on my chin. I started taking a multivitami
  13. I am very cynical and more so when it comes to my skin, that's why when I see the pictures I am still not satisfied because I think my skin is bad. The scars are more noticeable when I am looking at myself in the mirror, I just think it is the quality of the pics. I don't have a camera, just took them using my phone. I have seen improvement, but I only started seeing improvement about 7 weeks ago when I started using the tea tree oil treatment. I don't use the tea tree oil itself, I use this tre
  14. Hi there. I just went to a dermatologist today (it's my first time going to one). I had severe acne, and unfortunately I don't have the pictures to show when my face was at its worst. About 6 or 7 weeks, I started using a tea tree oil treatment and overall I think it has been helping me. I have had acne for about two years, the first year was mild-moderate, and then during the last year it has gotten worse. The dermatologist prescribed me Clindamycin phosphate 1% lotion and differin. Though, isn