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  1. Hey! So my acne started back in march, after trying out first time birth control and staying on it for a week, stopping because of explosion of acne I had never experienced before. Then immediately following a taper of a corticosteriod called prednisone, because my doctor thought it was a rash on my face that was some sort of allergic reaction--which was false. It was acne.. Theres the background... So I've experimented on my own with different supplements--fish oils, multivitamins designed
  2. Hello just looking for a quick answer here... Never had acne before going on birth control, went on it for 1 week and decided it wasn't worth the acne. This was the last week in March, it's now Mid-May. (So basically a month and a half ago) I've had 1 normal period since. My acne is slowly starting to subside, my skin is less oily every day. QUESTION: How long does it take for hormones to recover/regulate from birth control... especially only being on it for 1 week. When should I e
  3. Hi I never really get acne, it's not "genetic" in my family and I eat extremely healthy. About a month ago, I went on birth control for the first time (I'm 19) and my face exploded with hormonal acne, not cystic or anything too painful but whiteheads and little flesh-colored bumps and my skin was thick with oil. I stayed on birth control for a week, then stopped. I went back to my doctor to explain what was going on, and she insisted it wasn't acne and that it was an allergic reaction because it
  4. So I went on birth control for a week... My skin was clear when I started; I had a very laid back regimen... only cleanser. The same day I also made the decision to stop washing my face and using products (caveman regimen) which made sense because my occasional acne was strictly due to stripping my skin of it's natural oils, leading to over production of oil, and clogged pores. When I started, my breakouts began immediately. jawline, in-between eyebrows, my skin was horrendous, and my face
  5. Hi so I just started the caveman regimen, ( water only, 0 water for the more intense people out there ) because after years of topicals, like retin-a, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, scrubs and other harsh products I've pretty much realized I stripped the natural hydro-lipid barrier of my skin and need to let it balance out to a normal pH. I started using these not because I became prone to breakouts, but because I was just interested in skincare. I had perfectly normal skin before and had no iss