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  1. My sex drive has gone from 4+ times a day to a few times a month. Never noticed any effect on acne at all. For every positive anecdotal response there will be a negative one. I have no doubt masturbation effects hormones (on a VERY SLIGHT level). What you should be asking yourself is, what are the best ways to balance hormones? Eating more fiber so they are removed from the body more efficiently. Exercising. Staying hydrated. Reducing stress, perhaps picking up a hobby like meditatio
  2. Is there a reason for juicing vs blending? I do green smoothies and probiotic supplementation as well as trying to avoid sugar, grains, etc. Has helped a lot. I'd think the fiber from blending would be a benefit in helping to move toxins and hormones out of the system more regularly. Also would slow down the sugar absorption.
  3. This guy is on to something. When I first started taking probiotics for stomach issues (I was having symptoms from gallstones and not realizing it) my acne cleared up completely for a month or so. Then my stones got worse, had to have surgery, etc. Complexion went back to normal on probiotics, but If I don't take them now I have horrible gas, stomache aches, headaches, indegestion, diarreha, etc now. (DONT EVER LET A DOCTOR TELL YOU THE GALLBLADDER IS A "USELESS ORGAN", THATS BS, WISH
  4. 3 weeks ago. I had recently stopped the Paleo Diet as after a month it hadn't effected my acne at all. Just as it ended I bought some cod liver oil and D3 (heard you needed the A for the D to work) that I was going to start taking. Even though I went off the diet I thought what the heck and started taking them anyways. Well even as I was beginning to go back to sodas, pizza, junk food in large quantities, my acne finally started actually getting better every day. I had fallen hard from the
  5. Interesting theory. I think for many dairy allergies or hormones from milk may be the problem, but its definitely not for everyone. I can throw my experience into the mix from when I did the exact opposite of cutting dairy out. Awhile back I went on a "gallon of milk a day" in addition to whatever you normally eat "diet" to gain some pounds while weightlifting. (gained 15 pounds! lol) I normally have mild-medium full body acne, have had it for the past 10 years. Did this diet for 3 months.
  6. The only time in the past seven years that I've really been almost 100% clear was when I was using a major exfoliation program, can't even remember what it was. After a few weeks I started getting cysts from it though (Which I'd never gotten before) and overall it started going bad so I stopped. I really don't have an oil problem at all, if anything my face is pretty dry and I'm pretty sure skin cell shedding is the only contributor besides hormones to my acne. The only topicals that have eve
  7. A month ago my sister came back from college, our computer room was converted into her room and the computer was moved into the living room. I'm pretty much a hermit, but I actually enjoy spending my time alone and on the computer so I don't whine about it. I do like privacy though, so with the computer now in the living room my use dropped drastically. As of now I'd consider my face almost completely clear and has been for several weeks. Only one recent pimple I'd even really consider a
  8. I never really believed in God. Was raised basically in religious isolation. Didn't even know what the concept meant until I was 11 or 12. At 14 I waded through a lot of religious debates and stuff on the internet and just sort of naturally found myself leaning towards all the athiest arguments. I'd never witnessed any "miracles" or anything I didn't think was explainable, and having acne and a host of other physical problems really didn't help when people were arguing about how we were mad
  9. Causes are so hard to predict. Probably just hormonal. I remember a month or two ago I thought my acne was finally subsiding with age after about 6 years. My chest had no acne at all with just a few shallow hyperpigmentations from old deep pimples, my back was pretty good, and my face wasn't bad either. Lasted about a month, then it came back worse then ever, started getting it all over my chest as well, where as before it was just in the center area of my chest. I know how much a remission
  10. I'm in the exact same situation myself, same grade even. I've been thinking about an essay I read on the AP Language test I took yesterday. It was basically a philosopher talking about accomplishers and dreamers. At one point he said that it is perhaps better to be a dreamer, because dreaming and planning is most of the fun. Actually going out and accomplishing things (or trying to) often ends up being unsatisfying. Those who only dream of doing great things get all the excitement of planni
  11. I've been feeling like that a lot lately. I consider myself a pretty strong person, but I've just been fighting this sooooo long. I just realized I'm entering my 7th year having to deal with this crap. I can barely even remember the kind of person I was before. I used to be so carefree, I was the class clown and the most talkative guy in school. One of the most popular as well. Now? I'm one of the guys people refer to as the quiet ones. I still remember the first time someone made fun of
  12. I think I'd go outside (something I haven't done except for necessity in a long time) and just fall down in the grass and stare into the sky for an hour or two. Then I'll get up, take a shower and change my clothes because they will be filthy and probably bug infested by then, throw out all the crappy products that never cleared me in my bathroom, and begin the first day of the rest of my life.
  13. I'm 17, and over the past year or so I'd say my full body acne got the worst it has ever been by a fair leap up from the past 5 years I've had it. Over the past 2 months or so I basically stopped using any treatments as I basically gave up as I'd tried pretty much everything in some form or another over the 6 years I've had to deal with it. Over the past two months I've noticed a bit of lessening of my acne everywhere and think it may be subsiding naturally. If this is whats happening, how lo
  14. I don't know. I've had mild over my entire body for 6 years myself. Antibiotics never cleared me, but if they did for you there is hope. They don't last for long before you become immune, but you can have him switch you around on them for a few years until you've run the gambit, hopefully having your acne subside naturally by the time you've become resistant to all of them. As far as topicals they prescribe, meh. BP is BP and I never noticed a difference in effect from over the counter and th
  15. antibiotics, lotions, retina, tazorac, BP crap... Mine isn't too bad, it's just everywhere, and it is resistant as heck. I literally had no results whatsoever from 3 different antibiotics I took, BP and any topical I've ever used tends to either make it worse, do nothing, or have such a small or temporary effect that it's unnoticable. I've pretty much resigned myself to having no options but wait it out or convince a derm for accutane.