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  1. skin on the body is alot tougher than on the face, it shouldnt get very irritated, if at all. aha is just used to help speed the healing of hyperpigmentation and scarring. so if you have a problem with that then definitely use it
  2. thats what its for man, drink lots of water too, ive noticed that makes my hyperpigmentation heal up alot faster
  3. thanks alot. i will try that. i have been using moisturizer a bit here and there, but definitely not enough, i didnt realize it helped with the redness so much. will try that. thanks again
  4. haha i live up in northern ontario canada, so as you can guess this time of the year it gets pretty cold. my acne is probably more moderate, but the bp helps to keep it very under control, maybe at the most a handful of pimples a week, but if im using bp twice a day throughout the week even less, only problem is my skin gets super red. i do use neutrogena oil free moisturizer for my skin, but it doesnt help with the redness at all
  5. Its -40 to -50 where i live some days, skin is getting super dry and irritated with bp, the redness is getting pretty out of control some days. Does BP really need to be left on for so long in order to oxygenate the skin and kill the bacteria? Or can I leave it on for an hour or two and then rinse it off? I know this can be a hard question to answer since theres probably been no scientific proof to show how long it takes for BP to actually oxygenate the skin, and everyones skin is different. But
  6. try using the bp just at night with a white t-shirt on at first. AHA and BP never bleached any of my hair ever and im sporting some decent scruff on my face right now.
  7. yes they do slightly go away when i run my fingers over them and they dont feel hard. i googled what that was and it does look similar
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have had any luck with treating smaller keloid scars. I have a bunch of smaller white keloids all over my shoulders from when i used to have terrible acne there, and its really annoying and shows up terrible in certain light. I have some bigger keloids on my left shoulder but very few, its mostly all small white skin colored ones. I was thinking maybe trying home dermabrasion, I have a derma roller but dont think that would really help with keloids and i wo
  9. Hi guys. So to get straight to the point, I have icepick scarring on both of my cheekbones, and have had them since i was a kid, long before I ever had acne. But at one point I never had any there. I used to have freckles when I was really young, then as I got a bit older the freckles went away and these icepick scars appeared out of nowhere. Ive never had a problem with acne on this area of my face, but everyone thinks theyre acne scars. I can probably count on one hand how many pimples ive had
  10. ive noticed this as well. ive heard bp slows down the healing process of skin. i dont know any ways around it. other then to stop using bp, but for me thats not an option. i rarely get pimples on my face anymore thanks to dans bp, but when i do get one they never have a white head anymore, but are just slight red bumps with sometimes a little tenderness, barely anything. even if i completely leave them alone i still end up getting a pigmented spot for months and months. its more annoying than th
  11. My forehead gets these pesky little pimples all the time. So I have been applying a good layer of bp, waiting for it to absorb, then aplying another generous layer. The rest of my face can get away with just using one, but my temples and forehead are really annoying. Is it too much to apply a second layer? Could it build up and possibly block pores, or should it be okay?
  12. I have some mild hyperpigmentation on my face and shoulders, with a few bad spots. I am currently using the skinlaboratory glycolac 60 which contains both in smaller percentages, and it is working quite well so far. But after it is done I would like to move up to a stronger level 3 peel, I just dont know which one is doing more to help heal my hyperpigmentation, the glycolic or lactic. Any info would help me out in deciding alot. Thanks!