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  1. Hey! Thank you for responding and for the link I think I may have used to many harsh products at once. I was using the .1% and a glycolic toner ( yeah, I'm an idiot lol) thinking that it would give me even better results. My skin started peeling so much that I had to exfoliate every day or else I would look like a lizard. I still cannot figure out why it would cause me to break out on my chin and right jaw area. I would think that it would be more widespread. At any rate, I have paid the price
  2. Hey all So, I never had acne as a teen. As an adult, I would get randon breakouts, mainly around my period. I went to my derm and she gave me Epiduo, which worked great. My breakouts were minimal and I was pretty happy. The one thing that I did not like was that it seemed to really dry me out. I started reading all this stuff about how BP is associated with premature aging of the skin and that it could cause damage, so I asked my derm to switch me to tretinoin. I began using t