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  1. I wonder about this too. My husband usually has pretty clear skin but whenever I have a bad breakout, a few days later his skin is showing more pimples than usual.
  2. Thanks for the info about the primer. I had never heard of that stuff before but im going to search for some.
  3. I'm currently on Estrostep FE and it has helped a lot. I have been on it since April and was pretty much clear by the end of May. My skin doesnt produce as much oil anymore and no side effects so far.
  4. Im trying to figure out a way to use make up to make my huge pores less noticable. My skin is 90% better since i been doing the regimen but my pores are becoming even more noticable now that i dont have huge bumps and scars everywhere. Any ideas will help, thanks
  5. I used to use Ultimate Finish, no real complains other than my skin getting oily and I dont like thick make up on my skin. I hate that heavy feeling. I used it for a long time before i finally switched to aquasmooth. Which isnt as heavy on your skin and when your done putting it on its not shiny at all. But now i go between aquasmooth and Tru blend on better skin days.
  6. Im finally happy with what i see and feel. Im using Dan's Regimen but I had to start out with a 10% BP because my skin wasnt reacting to the 2.5% at first. I started out with very oily skin, a lot of pimples and blackheads, since week 3 i have only had 4 show up . As of today my skin hasnt been oily in weeks, i only have 1 pimple on my face, and when i touch my face its finally smooth. I use witch hazel as an astringent because i have deep scars and just using soap wasnt getting all the crud
  7. Hello, well from my personal battle with my skin, i have discovered that covergirl aquasmooth make up works pretty good for me. All the stuff your looking for, it has. So far my only problem with it is that i have is that the sponges it comes with absorbs most of the make up so maybe try a different type of sponge. And if you have bad scarring like mines you might want to get a foundation to go over the major scars because they can show through. After the make up sets on my skin it looks like i