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  1. pinkysohal

    Day 50 On Accutane 40Mg

    Hi everyone, Its been 50 days since ive been on accutane... and 25 days since ive last updated... So stuff ive been experiencing: - skin not oily anymore - flakey skin on face (not too bad though) - phlegm in the mornings (ewww but need to report everything the good and the ugly lol) - bloody boogars (vom lol) - dry skin on ears that it chapped a little - dry lips, scalp, skin on body, hands,eyes get red easily, dry mouth n throat - red flushes on face that come and go - mood sw
  2. pinkysohal

    Accutane Day 25

    Hi Another quick update.... So I've been on accutane 25 days now and at the moment I feel like im at a stand still nothing to really report. my skin hasn't really changed in the last few days but here's what's happened so far.... Side effects: - dry skin face, scalp and body but nothing unmanageable - lips are dry but again nothing unmanageable. - dry mouth in mornings - more achy n get tired easily... - joints making cracking noises - mood swings (get upset very quickly n c
  3. pinkysohal

    Accutane: Products Im Using

    Hi Here is a list of the products I'm using whilst on accutane/isotretinoin: Face and lips: - Eucerin milk cleanser (for dry sensitive skin) - Oilatum Natural Repair Cream (designed for irritated, dry and sensitive skin) - Vaseline for lips - Aquaphor soothing skin balm (back up stock if skin and lips get really dry). - Dry Eyes drops from local drug store Body: - Johnsons baby lavender body wash - Johnsons Baby Oil (applied on wet skin after shower/bathing - E45 Intense
  4. pinkysohal

    Accutane Day 20 Update

    Hi Just a quick update... im now on day 20 and have previously been on 25mg but since 2 days ago I started taking 40mg. So far I have experienced the following side effects: - dry lips (nothing unmanageable atm) - dry mouth (getting a metallic taste too) - skin not greasy on face anymore which is a nice feeling atm. - loads of blackheads on nose - dry skin on legs and arms (powdery looking) - dry eyes - aches in knees and lower back - mood swings (but this could be due to my per
  5. Hi So if you read my earlier post you will sort of get an understanding of my acne story. Last december I had a sudden case of severe acne emerge on my face. It was so random and happened so fast...4 months down and im still suffering from very large (3d) inflamed cysts... all of which are on my face. Its been pretty rough the last few months. I have gone from being a really sociable confident person to being insecure, embarrassed and depressed. Isotretinoin (accutane) is my only hope
  6. pinkysohal

    Starting Accuatne

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my experience/ story on accutane/Isotretinoin. I started devloping mild acne when I was around 17 - which was controlled and cleared with antibiotics. Since then (8 years on) I starting getting out breaks of acne which would randomly appear and go away after a few weeks and I would have normal clear skin most of the time. Untill last december when i had my worst breakout ever. I have got large painful inflamed cysts on my t-zone area. My acne is strange as befo