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  1. Just starting ACV as a drink: two weeks in.

    I'm 34yo male, suffered since 14, used everything from long and various dosage courses of isotretinoin, antibiotics etc etc etc. You get the picture. Had not tried this as of yet but have had suspicions for a while my issue is an internal digestion one. I get now more inflammed 'red dot' and 'under the skin' type acne than when I was a teenager, which was more pustule. My diet has been ultra clean for years. I gave up dairy some time ago, and never eat artificial sugar. I try to keep all food I
  2. Hi all, Been a while since I've posted on acne.org, but was just curious as to anyone's experiences with lose dose isotretinoin treatment. It would be to long and monotonous for me to write 'my story' here, (as I've done this previously many times on this site - please feel free to browse my profile or pm if you're interested), but I've been on and off Accutane for 16 years now, at varying doses and lengths of time. Currently I've managed to whittle down to just one 20mg tablet a week - a
  3. Hey Andrew, I've often wondered this and am not sure myself. Sometimes I'm convinced it does, then other times not. However you need not shark down heaps of whey, there are alternatives, not too mention foods to bulk up. Eat lots of turkey, chicken, red meat, almonds, eggs etc etc etc. I also use protein flapjacks, there are many different ones with and without whey available on amazon etc. Incidently, there are tons of people out there who insist on not using any shakes/supplements and ar
  4. I've been on tane for many years and for the last year or so I have regularly gone to the gym, 4-5 times a week weightlifting and cardio. I can confirm it hurts much more when on isotretinoin, my muscles ache far more and for longer after lifting, and my feet are very sore from jogging/cardio to the point that it hurts to walk afterwards. But I will not quit. It may, probably will, take longer to see the gains you would like, and you will have to endure a lot more temporary pain than someone
  5. Hi all, Has anyone ever got a tattoo whilst taking isotretinoin? If so, what dosage were you on etc. Did the medication affect your tattoo design? Did you encounter any problems?? All/any stories would be much appreciated. Many thanks Rob
  6. Hey Brian, If it were me I'd get myself another course of isotretinoin asap. How long were you on antibiotics? Were you taking them simultaneously for the year??? I'd avoid doing that again; just try get the isotretinoin. As you know the low long course has fewer side effects and eventually does the trick. Relaspes and multiple courses are common for some people however, Im currently on my 4th course, which will be an indeffinate one until I'm happy the issue is resolved. Please check my
  7. My liver's fine thanks guys, it is a common side effect of tane. I should know for I have been on the drug on and off for 13 years; when I am not on it, my eyes return to normal - plus I have no other liver disease symptoms and the usual 'tane blood tests etc always come back satisfactory. Anyone have experience of this side effect?? Products to use etc. Regards, Rob
  8. Hey everyone, What treatments do you find work best for the side effect of dry, dull, and yellow eyes whilst on isotretinoin? Curious to hear what everyone uses, how successful etc. I find my drops work great, but only for a limited time - by the time I get home from work each day, I look like I need a liver transplant until I put my drops in again! Any thoughts? Rob
  9. Hey Cloitus, Taking a low dose will indeed take you longer to reach your recommended culmative dose, which stands at between 125-150mg for every kg you weigh. So if for example you weigh 80kg, then 125 x 80 = 10,000 divided by the dosage you wish to take, lets say 40mg, so, 10,000 / 40 = 250 days, or 35 weeks, or 9 months. So in short yes, it will take longer, but then the trade off is you have less severe side effects. I have taken all manner of dosages myself, from high to low&long
  10. Hey there, You won't notice anything after 2 days - it'll take a few weeks before the medication gets into your system enough to cause noticable side effects. You will most likely get the IB around week 2ish, it differs for each person, some earlier, some around a month. Similarly you won't stop feeling oily until you're well into the course I'm afraid, but it WILL happen for you, it just requires dedication and a lot of determined patience I'm afraid. I can recommend some good products to
  11. My derm prescribed me Nizoral 2% Shampoo, apply and lather once a week only in my case - works wonderfully. No dryness or dandruff at all - currently on my 4th course of tane, 20mg per day - weigh 80kg. Hope this helps Rob
  12. So actually, I'll need 6,600mg in total (120 x 55)? This means I'll need to stay on it for 6 months if I stay on 40mg. Thank you for the PDF, that's very helpful. Hey B, Yeah pretty much, approx 6 months is standard treatment time - the cumulative recommended dosage is as Biggs said above. You may also be given an extension of say 3 further months if you are not entirely clear - this happened to me the first time I took 'tane all those years ago. It worked, but then I quickly relapsed aft
  13. I experience pain in my elbows everyday from lifting and am looking for something to work also. I take cod liver oil and apply a shitload of ralgex which seems to allow me to push through the pain - more a nagging than severe type - sometimes it can even motivate me to keep going in a quasi- masochistic way. I am on my 4th course, but for the first time, a low long treatment of 20mg per day - I weigh 80kg. * I did however have to stop long distance jogging, as for days afterwards I wouldnt
  14. Hey there, Yes you will sunburn easier when on isotretinoin - apply non-comedogenic sunscreen if in hot conditions, cetaphil do a good one. Yes I did have oily skin and the isotretinoin cleared it up. I have experienced no hair loss in my 13 years of taking the treatment. Side effects dissipate after treatment. If you're lucky then you will not relapse, but some people do. Regards, Rob
  15. Hey there, Not to worry, this is a common side effect and can easily be remedied with some good eye drops, I personally use 'redness and eye irritation relief' by murine. Also stay well rested and hydrated obviously. I personally have had this with all my isotretinoin treatments, currently on my 4th course over 10 year period - drops work great. If you are overly worried then contact your derm for peace of mind. All the best Rob thanks a lot, i was worried and this has helped il go get s