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  1. Look at that thing. good work on that.. I'd be too scared to go near it though
  2. Just Lurking About The Forums To See Whos Acne I Can Help Cure Today.

  3. I don't think its that specific chemical breaking you out. Here's the most detailed description I've found online about it. I've only heard great reviews about it so far... (which doesn't mean much).. Im thinking your skin could be imbalanced by that extra 0.1% dose.. However, I can't really say given the information available. I hope this helps a little. To answer your question - no, trentinoin isn't known to cause breakouts. It's actually known to be very effective at repairin
  4. Encouraging?.. You be the judge.. Confidence is a child influence under the parent term ego. It is subject to change entirely by the information your brain processes take in... consider this for moment... If everyone you met... including your friends.. strangers on the street.. your cousins.. or your grandmother.. all had the exact same case of acne would your confidence be shot? Nope.. not at all. But thats not how reality is, is it? Dont worry about reality.. and how
  5. It Look like Keloid Acne Scars.. or maybe it;s more cystic. It's hard to tell from those photos. Are you only getting them on your shoulder? It might even be an allergic reaction if it's spreading... Definately see a doctor
  6. No, I've given up on that dream. It isn;t that you acne is too terrible, it's just the basic principle of "if you stop taking care of something and disregard it - it gets worse" Sometimes alot worse. Look, i've excepted that im different than most people and my body has special needs. It was hard, and tough to swallow, but I manned up and accepted it. Just like someone who diabetic and NEEDS insulin daily.. My Acne was the same. Unless I had an outside source to maintain it (whatever it ma
  7. Great Post, Veteran. Im glad you decided to come out and voice yourself. Good job. I understand where you come from completely. I can't put into the words the frustration of banging your head into a cement wall for years. There's no words demoralizing enough to describe that feeling. Anyway, keep the post coming. The best thing about trying to inspire others is that.... for some reason, you end up inspiring yourself more than you ever thought you could. I wish the best for yo
  8. This is great. I honestly hope this all works out for you. As for the treatment, it seems like you going to have to become half-vampire to live with it.. but if it works, it's worth it. Actually the Levulan treatment is something only read about once (on a different forum) some months ago. Ill try and pull up the link for you so you can share your thoughts on it. Btw. Out of curiousity, how intense would you say the burning is?
  9. I manage my acne through A diet I corrected with trial and error. After I started digesting everything I can about essential oils, I started to learn about tracking methods. I tweaked my skin care method based on the results I saw. And anyone can do that, they just need to go out and try different things. It would be outright redundant for me to give you exactly what im doing now! Just because my regiment is tailored to me only.. and will not work (with the same effectiveness) for someone
  10. “Acne Home Remedies For Fair Skin” Top 5 *Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!* 1) Mixing Baking Soda W/ Water. The most generic, though effective of acne home remedies. The baking soda uses an all-natural alcohol free method of drying up the excess sebum under the skin. Mix a cup of baking soda with a little water until it becomes a paste, apply to the infected spot (not the whole face). Leave on for 15 minutes and gently wipe off. Feel fabulous. 2) Get Smelly, Mush
  11. *Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!* Actually, I did pay those little swindlers. More than a dime. If I could recount the amount I payed them It would probably add up to somewhere about 6,500 dimes. Or in US currency $650 bucks. And that’s a rough recount from the two years I actually tried to “get rid” of my acne and not just “reduce the swelling of my pimples”. But that’s another story. The real way I got rid of my acne was easy, simple, and not complicated at all.
  12. *Moderator edit- URL removed. Read the board rules!* The sole purpose of this post is to give you an idea about what type of ingredients are thrown into your acne creams that can definitely make your skin worse!. It’s an attempt to inform the naive, and encourage the few to take greater responsibility in their life, especially their skin care efforts. Knowing me, you might find the information in here-in has a slight “bias” feel to it, but I assure you, in the process of researching and ba
  13. You make valid points, but I think the reason why some of us get acne in westernized nations is because of not being properly breast fed. Have you treated/cured your acne btw? Cured? Nope, not yet. Im just maintaining clear skin. I know if I stopped my maintenance, then my pimples and zits will come back. Fast. And you also make a very valid point that I haven't even thought of. thanks for that. This is why I love discussing the subject. On that note, i'd like to say that I was in fac
  14. Agree on everything here. Better play it safe than sorry. I didn't have this type of inflammation so Im not liable to reccomend anything for it, legally. No worries though, it doesn't look to be anything a skin-doc visit wouldn;t wash away.
  15. Hey, im happy for you man. I know what acne does to a social life.. It hurts just to think of those days Glad you posted this. I've been throughtthe same thing in terms of trying different things. I think the fact that you we're actually brave enough to invest in different brands was your most attributing factor above all else. As it we're for me. Stick to it and do whatever you can to bring your results closer. Heres something I would ask myself when I got stuck that helped alo
  16. You've got to get past that.. And You know it. Otherwise you wouldn't be posting it here. Now I've never wore glasses, ever. So I can't relate to you, and have no credibility on the subject. But I have gotten over insecurities all the same (taking my shirt off in public via joining the swimming team etc.) One thing I can tell you, is that your just going to have to get over it if you REALLY want to wear your contacts. And it's going to hurt alot.. for a while. But once you get enoug
  17. Exactly. That and more. much much more. Check this post out: Breaking Down Cosmetic Acne Care Ingredients, When To Buy, And When To Run And Hide I don't even fiddle with over the counter products anymore because their "businessy characteristics" Not to mention that I already went underwent a 4 year depression called highschool under a decade ago. I don't need accutane bringing me back to those times. Enjoy:
  18. My kindest reaction.... The moment when my girlfriend asked me to take my shirt off and I complied... swallowing up all my pride... And telling my self to just do it and see what happens... .... and BOOM.. Back acne exposed... She takes a look... smiles And pretends it's not even there. Wish she was still around .. Anyway. Thanks for the good memories... Wishing you well. The King of Acne
  19. Just sample on area of your body and see if anything goes wrong. Usually I'd try it on the back of my shoulder first and see If I notice any difference. The hairs on your shoulder are very close to your face and if any irritaiton is going on there you'd definately see it before it gets bad. Better yet, it will be easy to notice the color difference when examined against the hair on your other shoulder. Talk about a controlled experiment . Test your shoulder first, and if it's ok
  20. Id say no. Not at all. Your question: Is diet the end all cure? Nope. It's a big part of it though! I don't think I would of gotten half as far when it came to clearing my skin if I didn't start to eat the right things. Salmon included For me, it was combination of: Staying consistent with my regiment Eating the right things Learning about essential oils (best thing I ever did) Making sure I took care of the little things (like washing my hands before bed & changing
  21. Great article. Right on target with that one. I've been making the same claims and observations about acne in poorer parts of the world daily. And though I have nothing solid on the topic (as of yet) Im planning to release a thesis explaining the paradox. Basically the lifestyle of the third world person differs from that of us Americans in categories. 1) Diet (biggest Difference) 2) Sun Exposure 3) Excercise In most third world countries, there are no piazza shops on every c
  22. Even God rested on the seventh day. Even the most successful people waste a litle time now and then. It's only human, and it's how we function. We aren't perfect.. but we try out hardest to be. And thats ok! I say yes and no. Yes - as in if your are going to do it, then plan ahead and stick with that plan. Make a day that you will fully induldge yourself with the finer (and perhaps greasier) pleasures of life, and see to it. Just make sure that on the 23rd hour and 59th minute
  23. Hey Rob. I get this sometimes. Your case is a bit more milder than mine (which isn't much) and I think it could be due to the same problem. Beared hair. I don't know any scientific reasons for it (except for ingrown hairs, and the possibility of left over bacteria on our beards causing the occasional pimple) but I observed that when im clean shaving as in "baby-faced" I experience alot less pimples on my jawling. Might be a long shot see what completely getting rid of all the hair on
  24. Well I never said bulking makes everyone get acne. But it does raise your hormones, which could cause acne. also, form what ive seen, the majority of the people that suffer severe acne are usually skinny, and not fat or really muscilar.. I second this Good observation. Great food for thought Nope Nope and Nope. Nothing, go barefaced. The last thing you want to worry about is your sweat mixed with make-up sitting over your pores. Sounds scary. Don't do it. Now trying to look pretty at t
  25. Of Course, When I first started clearing my acne, like most of us, I started with proactiv. No good for me - didn't work. I used it for about half a year off-and-on and had little results. Which sucked. But my mother kept buying it for my sisters and I decided to use it because it was already there. Bad Mistake. So I basically wasted my sisters proactives for months on end until I started to move on to experimenting with essential oils. Which worked to some extent.. but by