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    Bronx, New York
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    Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Chess, and Blogging. Not in that order.. but pretty close. I think I like blogging more than chess, it just depends what mood I'm in.

    In my free time I write about acne over at my blog and I encourage my readers to BE self sufficient with there skin care. That means taking full responsibility, all the while clearing your skin, all at once.

    It's skin care without excuses.


Hey, thanks for visiting my page! My name is Steven Love. AKA “The King of Acne and I actively blog about skin care. In my adolescent years, I spent most of my time rigorously battling with an alarming case of mild acne that spread from my collarbone and expanded all across the surface of my back. It was embarrassing and nasty. It was the kind of acne that made you wince at first sight,.. *Moderator edit - URL's removed - Read the board rules*