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  1. After suffering through horrible, debilitating acne for more than ten years, I have finally managed to get my skin under control. As I'm sure many of you can understand, severe acne has scarred me in more ways than one, and even now making eye contact still carries the thought of "oh god, what if they notice my skin??", despite the fact that now I carry little more pigmentation and pot marks. Unfortunately, there was no great secret for me. "Fixing" my skin was a combination of reducing
  2. Hullo Acne.org Community. So today marks my (estimated) one week follow-up! Yay! The dryness issue was getting pretty bad, especially around my temples, but adding the jojoba oil really helped both with the dryness and with applying makeup to cover up redness. To be totally honest, my skin was looking better. I got stressed out yesterday after a fight with my boyfriend and picked my cheek a little bit, so there are a few more red spots now than there were. I'm sure dermatillomania
  3. Hey ladies, random question for yall. I'm having a little trouble fitting the regimen in with my gym routine. I usually go first thing in the morning, so on those days I just roll out of bed, go workout, then wash my face in the shower. However, there are some days were I can't make it that early and have to go at the end of the day. My question is, how do you guys deal with the makeup situation? I want to avoid washing my face more than twice a day , but I also don't want to workout
  4. So...I don't know how people even find these things or if anyone will read it, but whatever, here goes nothing. My skin is currently just...revolting. It looks just terrible and makeup doesn't really go very far towards covering it up. Whatever coverage I do manage to get is usually completely gone by the end of the day. This has been going on for so long that I literally cannot even remember the last time I had clear skin. I can't even remember the last time I had under 20-30 red spots/
  5. thanks guys. it just feels really hopeless sometimes. i'm in a graduate program right now with eleven other women who, just my luck, all have beautiful, clear skin. it makes it really tough to go to class and not feel incredibly self-conscious.
  6. I've had acne since I was twelve years old, and next month I will be turning twenty-five. After thirteen years of breakouts, my skin is a disaster, and I am terrified of what I'll look like when I get older. My acne has never gotten any better as I got older, despite countless trips to the dermatologist in high school and trying every possible treatment under the sun. I now have health insurance that won't cover any sort of dermatologic intervention, so even if there was a solution, I wouldn'