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  1. hmmm... well i would just suggest that you dont touch your face anymore. that has helped out a lot with my acne. but if that is not the case try using an astrigent along with the basic regimen. sorry man i gotta go cuz second period is ending, but i will put up a post on how i use an astrigent along with the regimen to keep me acne free, so you might want to check that out. later!
  2. Well I posted this post on the first day the cyst swelled up, and now it is the third day and I have been putting some topical antibiotic stuff on it and the swelling has gone down and it doesn't hurt anymore. But now there is a big lump on the back of my earlobe that feels like it is full of liquid, so I assume I have what your talking about when you say "a plain old regular cyst." So I guess I will just get it drained tomarrow at the doctors... alright, thanks. later.
  3. Man! I have a HUGE cyst on my freakin EARLOBE and it is killing me. It hurts like no mother... lol. This thing has made my earlobe swell up to almost twice its normal size. And now I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to get some treatment for this cyst, and I remember reading about a shot that you get that makes the cyst go away in a few days. Now onto my questions... One: what is the name of the shot, cuz I forgot? Two: is the shot injected right into the cyst or what? And if it is inj
  4. Well I started to notice on my wall in my bathroom there were little white spots and I was wondering what it was :-k . Then I remembered reading that BP bleachers hair and clothes... so then it came to me. It was the BP. See, after I wash my face in the morning I like flick my hands towards the bath tub to get the water off before I dry them on my towel and I guess some BP was like mixed into the water and it splattered on the wall. Well when I realized this I rubbed some BP straight ont
  5. Thanks Markes. Kinda harsh Revolution, dont ya think? :-k
  6. Well, like a lot of people on here, I have lots of red marks left over from past acne. I read lemon water helps pretty good with this problem but I never read on any posts if you use fresh squeezed lemon (like manualy squeeze the lemon) or if you can use already squeezed lemon juice (like a container of lemon juice you buy at the store)? And also what amount of lemon juice should I use for one glass? Lastly, should I drink lots of lemon water a day or just 1 or 2 or whatever. Thanks!
  7. yea, just incase anyone else reads this i mean irritation like your face against a pillow. man, it is 1:50 in the morning i am freaking bored. i dont know why i am saying this on a message board... its not like anyone is going to IM me back or something... lol... dharma and greg is on... this show is cool but will and grace is better... everybody loves raymond is the best out of all sitcoms, though. earlier, when i said i had a clear face i meant like... 3 pimples.... 3 pimples... why wont
  8. Well... i was just wondering why aggravating your skin makes acne worse? cuz, simply put, acne is caused by blocked oil glands... once again, SIMPLY put. so what does that have to do with aggravated skin? i know how i asked my question sounds kind of sketchy but i think it gets my point accross 8) . thanks. p.s. this has nothing to do with my acne, i was just wondering. i am happy so say that i am clear thanks to the regimen :)/
  9. Well...... Last week i didn't drink milk for about 5 days and my acne did die down... and then one morning i decided to have a glass of milk :roll: and the next morning and i woke up to about 5 new blemishes on the corners of my mouth. So i do believe that it is the dairy products that is causing my acne.... :?: and can soy milk be substituded for regular milk? like i mean can i drink that with out it causing acne? thanks you guys.
  10. I have been reading in a lot of posts that state that milk affects acne enough to notice a difference. Well, in the mornings I eat my bowl of cereal (with milk) and I usually drink a glass of milk along with that. And I was just wondering is this would greatly affect my acne or if it is one of those "everybody reacts differently to it" things. Also I have read about people avoiding cereal in their diets... does cereal affect acne too?!?Thanks! Suggestions, if any. :wink:
  11. I meant my acne was moderate before i started the regimen. Alrite thanks you guys. But still no one has answered my other question about the BP and moistrizer! :?
  12. I know it looks like a lot of reading but its only cuz i can finally talk to people about my acne! its not like i could talk to my friends about it cuz it is kinda embarassing. :oops:. there is questions at the end so u can just skip to those if u want. Alrite... I am 15 and i have had acne for like 5 years... it has only recently started to get kinda bad tho... so about a month ago i found this site when i searched for "acne" on a search engine. i read the regimen and i immediatly