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  1. Hey guys! So, today is my FIRST DAY OF ACCUTANE! For the next month or so, I will be on 30mg once a day. As promised, here are the "before" pictures. Honestly, this is kinda scary for me. I am so dependent on my foundation in public and especially in pictures. These pictures without makeup are the first I've taken in years. But, I am hopeful that when my treatment is done, I won't have to hide anymore I have some questions for people who have taken Accutane. When d
  2. Hey internet! First, let me say HAPPY EASTER! It is an especially happy Easter because not only did Jesus rise from the grave, I have been cleared to start Accutane! Blood work came back normal so the iPledge system is updating my information and I can hopefully start by either Tuesday or Wednesday! I will be posting "before photos" the day I start so I can get my progress as accurately as possible. Thank you for the support people here have shown! it really makes me hopeful about this drug
  3. Hello to whoever takes their time to read my rambling! To start this (hopefully 6 month journey), I should introduce myself. My name is Jessica, 15 years old, and a sophomore in high school. Acne became apparent to me around fifth grade. It was nowhere near extreme, just a whitehead here and there. However, I remember being with my friends at recess and wondering why everybody's skin was pretty, and I had red dots on my face. To a fifth grader, it didn't seem fair. In 2008, the glorious three ye