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  1. Dude, I hear you. I have nasty back/chest acne and my boyfriend keeps wanting to have sex with my clothes off. He doesnt know about my condition though, cos I always wear clothes that hide them. I'm always so nervous he'll find out
  2. I was suppose to catch a movie with some friends on Xmas, but it seems they had a change of plans. They'll now be going to the beach instead. What's someone with bacne to do? I'm really disappointed I won't be able to join them. But I guess an Xmas with the family doesn't sound too bad. I really wanted to hang out with my friends, though. Merry X'mas in advance to all!
  3. No "preachy" lecture required. Just stand up for what you think is right. Aye. Sometimes people tend to get carried away on issues they feel personally about (at least I do!), so try to keep cool about it yea!
  4. I think it all starts with self-confidence. I'd rather have me being comfortable with myself and the way I look, than a hundred people telling me I look good without me ever believing it. It's ultimately about how you feel about yourself that makes you happy or not! It's all easy to say, though. I don't feel good about myself at all, but I'm trying.
  5. I definitely think you should speak up, but I wouldn't give them a preachy lecture. Just try and be casual about it. It'll probably make matters worse if you get all worked up! That's my opinion, anyway.
  6. Congratulations!! Now that's something worth bragging about
  7. Good to hear that you had fun! I went pubbing a couple of nights ago, but I think it made me break out And I only had one glass of beer!
  8. I'm gonna screw it and wear a sleeveless top to school today. I hope I don't end up being self-conscious and miserable.
  9. I think it really depends on your luck. You need to find a derm that you feel comfortable with. I have a great derm that will answer all my questions patiently! I've also had some results - got on a mild course of Accutane and it cleared my face, though the body acne's come back. I'll probably have to get on a stronger course now Good luck!
  10. Just hang in there! It'll be painful for a few months but you'll get over it mate.
  11. Eh, I hope you haven't done anything stupid marvin!
  12. Live for the future, you never know what's in store - your acne will probably go away at some point. Stay strong.
  13. If I got rid of the scarring on my body (I have body acne), I would hit the beach in skimpy bikini's 3 times a week AT LEAST. But yeah, running naked across my neighbour's yard sounds good too.
  14. This is exactly how I feel.. it's like I've become so reliant on makeup for self-confidence. I wish my face would look smooth and radiant even without makeup, but sadly it's not like that..
  15. Texture is not that great of a problem for me - just the occasional bump here and there - it's all the scars and brown marks left on my body that makes me self-conscious. I always make sure it's pitch black before launching into anything. I wish one day I could be naked in the light and have someone tell me I'm beautiful, but that day seems really far away