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  1. I have been on doxycycline (50mg/day) since the 6th of March, and only in the past 2 weeks have I had flawless skin. This is in conjuction with the regimen and vitamins.. plus a healthy diet and exercise. My doctor started me off with 100mg for the first 2 weeks, and when I dulled the dosage to 50mg I broke out something fierce. I have another month and a half to go, and in the next few weeks I am dulling my dosage down to 25mg daily. Doxy is worth it, but it wouldn't be my number one preference
  2. That's annoying If you can though, try and not pop them. I used to have these deep pimples that repeatedly came up in the same spot on my cheek. And I swear that's why they always came back in the same spot - because I would mess with them instead of letting them heal on there own. When I left them alone and let them go through their 'life cycle' (?) they healed completely and I haven't had acne pop up in that exact spot since then. Actually I find that the big whiteh
  3. I spoke too soon, got 4 pimples this morning and 2 are those deep pimples that no matter how many times you pop it it comes back
  4. I havent had a pimple in almost a week.. It's a freakin' miracle.....
  5. Thanks for wishing me well. Since I replied my skin has gone completely clear!! I havent had a pimple in almost 5 days! I have been on doxy 2 months next Tuesday. I am soooo happy
  6. Are you taking any supplements if I may ask..? Also, how old are you? Whats your climate like there? As for your problem, I also 'tried everything', including the regimen years ago when I was a teen but I never really did it properly. Now I am on the regimen and taking doxy, supplements and the pill. It's working. Possibly combine treatments? Have you seen a derm recently?
  7. Do you know whats damaging for your skin? Acne. So it's a lose lose situation. I tried the whole natural thing for 2 years, it didn't do anything for me as it didn't clear up my skin. I would rather have a few wrinkles than acne and thats saying something...
  8. Feeling great, I am finally clearing. I think Dans products have something to do with it, either the AHA or the BP but its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheaper than drug stores by far! Works wonders with the regimen!!! Easy to apply, doesn't smell or stain and doesn't hurt International shipping costs Not readily available This BP is the best I have ever bought.. It goes on so easily and doesn't really sting as much as the others. It also dries clear and has been working wonders for my face in only a short while! I will only use this BP from now on.. Thanks acne.org!
    Life saver! No initial breakouts So many uses, I mix mine with a moisturizer twice daily My skin is soft and scars have faded. Helps reduce new pimples from forming! International shipping costs for it Stings for a while after applying This product has amazed me!!!! I have only been using it a week and my skin is already so clear. I don't think I could ever be without it now.
  9. I buy my vitamins and jojoba oil from iHerb, they are pretty good!
  10. I use Almay nearly nude, amazing foundation. It's like a tinted moisturiser really... and you can't even feel it on your face. Cost me $10 from a random store I was in. I use Covergirls clean pressed powder for sensitive skin to set it.
  11. I guess it all comes down to profit, sales and funding towards getting the product overseas... It's a shame these products aren't easily available where I live but I don't mind paying the $20 for postage and waiting two weeks really... It could be worse.. I am so happy with his BP and AHA so far and I only started using it today..