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  1. No I've been using 10% for years and never had a breakout like this :/ It seems to be calming down now though. I've never really had cysts before either, I usually get the medium sized white heads, but now I've had like 5 under skin cysts that take nearly a week to fully grow, and a week to f*** off.
  2. Miscers gonna misc. I dunno about your question though brah. Pls stay safe though.
  3. So since PanOxyl stopped producing I needed a new bp product. I was using 10% so I went for clean and clear persa gel 10 after reading good reviews. Anyway since using it I've broken out like never before. My breakouts on panoxyl were usually 2 or 3 spots at a time and I'd go a few weeks completely clear. On the clean and clear for maybe 3 weeks and I've had 10 cysts, yes 10. Not normal at all. I know using bp for the first time will cause an outbreak but I've used it for years. I want to kee