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  1. Hy, can someone recommend me site where can i order TCA peel?
  2. Hy Matt, Thak you for posting your story and giving me hope. ) How much time do you wait between dermarolling and peeling? Can you recommend me some page where i can order peelings? Best regards.
  3. Thanks Lucky, I m really interested in treating our acne this way, and gonna check those videos.
  4. Hello, I found these videos very interesting and wanted to share it with you http://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticHealthJ
  5. goood

    Mr Matt

    Hy Rob, You made a great progress, are you still rolling? what brand of roller do you use? Thanks.
  6. guy in this thread had great improvment with self needling, and i think he was doing self needling very often. i m going to try it on one of many my scars and see the result.
  7. goood


    hi colostomus, how are you scars today, do you see improvment?
  8. hi justmeuk, have you tried this theory and did you get postive results? Cheers
  9. hey man, wish you luck in your journey, we have similar scars so i will follow your post and hope to see great result. you should do resarch on suction becase many people here said that suction improved their result from subcision.
  10. hy guys, unfortunately i also have social anxiety and probably the main cause is acne scars because it started in the time i have got my scars. http://www.selftherapy.org/ - there you can find a free program for anxiety and panic attacks. Finding this site was great relived for me and it helped me a lot. I hope it would do the same for you.
  11. i think you shouldnt roll while you have acne, but subcision is the first thing you should do and it is probably the best tretman for rolling scars. here is the mr. matt topic, it is long but worth reading...
  12. your scars arent ice pick, you have rolling and box scar. Before laser i would suggest you to consider combination of subcision/suction method and dermarolling + retin a. on this board you can find great results of this combination for rolling and box scars. especially you should look for the topic of mr. matt - man in the mirror - or somehing like that. i think you can found there some great information and ideas how to start treat your scars. good luck, and keep your head up )