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  1. how the fukk did a miscer find another micsers topic on a completely different forum miscers gonna misc
  2. I take it this website's forum isn't very active? I guess I'm too used to the MISC. (sub-forum on a bodybuilding forum) One of the most active forums in the internet...
  3. Is it a good idea to 'rotate' both ? Edit: I have cystic acne. I feel the zit 'under' my skin for about a day, the next day it starts to push through the skin, the second day it's pretty noticeable and i usually pop it. (I know I'm not supposed to pop them, but I do anyways. Not tryna walk around with little pus-filled bubbles on my face lol). I don't have many black heads. I would classify my acne as moderate. It's not really severe...only if it REALLY breaks out. Say for example...