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  1. Glad you are feeling much better about yourself, a shame you are leaving the site now though, have really appreciated all your support with regards to telling my husband what I'm going through with acne. Best of luck for the future lovely lady
  2. (((hugs))) Frank*L It makes me so sad to hear what you and so many of us have had to put up with from nasty people just because we have a skin condition.
  3. Hi, I have seen quite a few of your posts on here describing yourself as ugly, had a look at your pictures and was very surprised that someone as lovely looking as you puts herself down so much! I saw the picture of you and your sis too - you are both very pretty girls, I don't see how you could think of yourself as the ugly duckling - why? You look different to one another, yes - but I would say you are equally attractive. Oh, and your skin is NOT repulsive, I think it's looking really good.
  4. Another incident just occurred to me, I offered to do my sisters make up for their night out and they sneered and said something along the lines of 'erm, no cos look at how you put yours on, I don't want mine looking like that'. They were referring to my 'over done, cakey, orangey foundation' used to desperately hide my acne but with no avail. Was really hurtful because how I put my own make up on is not representative of how I would do someone elses - I am actually really artistic and extre
  5. I am a 31 year old female, had acne for 20 years Prior to accutane in 2003 it was quite severe, now it is more moderate at the times when my skin does get bad. Never had a filling or a cavity, my teeth are excellent, healthy and white!
  6. Feeling much better today and yesterday, skin has calmed down a little. I wore my MAC foundation last night to go to a dinner party and for the first time in ages felt quite good about my skin, it seemed to make me look like a barely had any acne or marks Might have to wear that one more often instead of my usual Max Factor foundation which looks more natural but doesn't cover a whole lot! Still missing my husband who is away doing army stuff for another 2 weeks, but I will get through it.
  7. Girl, I got an update: I was at work today and this kid approaches me and says: "Oh you have something on your neck..." At first I was confused, so I touched the area that he was talking about and realized that he was referring to my acne... I was so mad but I could not lose my temper cause of work (UGHHHH). I am sure he knew it was acne but he had to emphasize it. Oh my, are you serious? Very sorry to hear you had someone comment today, that's all you need to dampen your spirits huh? PEOPLE!!!
  8. Been through this, I seldom had sleepovers in my youth, and when I did it would be really stressful thinking how I must not be seen without make up at all costs. I used to take my make up off only after everyone was asleep and get up early to do it all again, felt like such a chore. Sometimes I would even sleep in my make up which I hated but at the time felt I didn't have a choice. These days I just about feel comfortable being bare faced in front of my hubby after our recent chat about my
  9. I have had thousands of very cruel comments, some I have written on here, one more that just popped into my head... A guy from work asked me why I bothered wearing eye make up and lip gloss when there were more important things to fix on my face ie. my acne! Again, people thinking you can effing control it!!! Urgh.
  10. Lack of sleep doesn't cause acne, however a late night seems to really show in my face and make acne seem worse. That's another perk of being acne free, those who are can get away with burning the candle at both ends and still look great.
  11. My newest outbreak is worse than I thought, in the bathroom mirror last night before my shower I counted over 40 blemishes on my cheeks/jaw - of those, at least 15 are very active. WTF happened? Just when you think your skin is calming down, BAM! Although it's weird cos only a couple of them are raised, the rest are just a bleeding mess where I keep scratching my face, perhaps that's made it worse but I can't resist, especially when they start to feel crispy. My wonderful supportive husband
  12. Sorry you're feeling so bad today. Please don't ever feel that your acne or scars are your fault, you are gorgeous and you have been doing everything you can to help yourself. Unfortunately when it comes to acne, it seems if it wants to find a way to be there, it will be there. Sometimes it feels like there's no cure, and it's so frustrating when you're doing all the right things. I learnt this the hard way, relapsed after Accutane although at least my skin is a lot better than pre-Accutane.
  13. Had a pretty bad jawline outbreak these last two days, the spots really itch! Have been feeling happier that my husband now knows all about how I've struggled with my skin, he still insists that acne lasting two decades is normal and common - wondering if he realises just how persistent mine has been? I tell him I feel disfigured - he just doesn't see it. What a lovely man, I love him so much. It is much more relaxing knowing I don't have to hide my skin from him, not that I'm ready to start
  14. Wish this was true about the area, I am originally from UK and have encountered so many assholes who took great pleasure in making me feel like shit about my skin. By the way, the comments made to you by your family may have been out of concern, however their advice is very inaccurate. Acne is not caused by poor diet, I thought that was well known now - not sure about others on here but I eat really well and my skin has been awful since I was 11 years old, yet most people I know have flawless s