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  1. Sara, I'm in the same spot. It cleared and smoothed my skin for several years, making me look younger than my 33 which was of course wonderful. Now, within the last few months, I'm getting cysts on the jaw, chin and a bunch on my f-ing back and need 30 minutes a day to smother everything with concealer. Nothing has been more infuriating, especially after the endless journey of doctors and meds and cleansers and herbs and all the bullshit you have to go through because dermatologists are incompe
  2. I'm thinking about quitting but my vanity is grasping on to Spiro by the fingernails. My skin is so soft and so smooth. Knowing I can go outside without having to paint my face and back in a pathetic attempt to hide the giant cysts was a relief. Unfortunately, I've had to cover up other areas indefinitely- I have gained about 20 pounds on this medication. Immediately before starting was the pinnacle of my physical condition. I'd been working out 6 days a week and eating so clean that my body
  3. I was taking 50mg. Ironically, I just requested 25 I'm a risk to clear this up again but for the past week, my skin has dramatically cleared on evening primrose oil alone. I'm not sure what to make of all this especially since I read a thread from another board stating my side effects were due to estrogen dominance in addition to excess androgens. Usually that requires increasing your progesterone levels to regulate both hormones. Since I don't want to go back to the horrific side effects of spi
  4. Spiro worked for me as well, cleared all cysts and marks within 6 months. Additionally it also had me lose 10 pounds which was incredible. Unfortunately, it took me a while to notice that my hair and nails had not only stopped growing, they were getting thinner. Lost so much hair every time I washed it, I was amazed there was any left to wash. I had no energy for anything, working out was not a possibility. After that the weight gain started and I couldn't gather enough strength to work out long