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  1. 3 days ago all of a sudden I noticed rash like rough skin just by my mouth on the right side and now it's extending upwards towards my cheek though its still mostly around my mouth. Initially, I thought it was a reaction to something I had eaten so I tried treating it with an antihistamine but it didn't really help. Then I thought it may be dry skin and I tried a hydrating mask but it didn't help either. Now I really don't know what it is because they seem like really tiny bumps that can only be
  2. All of a sudden I'm developing these tiny red spots/red bumps on my right cheek. The rest of my skins perfectly find its just a patch on my right cheek and I can't figure out whether its acne or an allergic reaction because I've never had something like this before. It feels warm to touch and gets really itchy sometimes. Also, sometimes my right cheek starts feeling really really hot all of a sudden.