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  1. 19yearoldchickfightingacne4toolong is the s/n of the girl who has tried it, i think. something like that. she has a gallery. anyway. i've tried it too. and it works well for redness. since it has papaya in it. i don't think it does any wonders with acne though. . . i always experience a small breakout after using it. probably bringing stuff to the surface? i'm not sure. it clears up though. in a small amount of time. good luck. i hope it works for you.
  2. i have the same thing. i've heard it was sweat blocking your pores. it's probably just my lack of sleep though. because they only started showing up when i started going to bed in the morning. . . mine aren't red though. . . they're skin-colored. . . .
  3. differin will either work or not. it didn't work for me. made my pores huge. i don't know why. the texture of my skin became horrible too.... i gave it 2 months. still had the same breakouts. maybe broke out worse...
  4. just a gentle cleanser. like spectro jel or purpose? i use purpose. since i can only get spectro online if you live in the US...
  5. Super Anti Fungal Cream sounds good. I'M GOING TO TRY KLARON. I need to!!
  6. errr. i have the same problem. aha worked really well for awhile. i get a few big whiteheads every week or so. usually on my forehead. now i'm plagued with COMEDONES. those tiny bumps. grrrr.
  7. i've tried m.a.c. studiotech. and that is enough. i broke out. good oils? phssyeah. like that exists. it was too heavy. and i don't really trust any of their other foundations/powders. i may try their eye stuff. although i don't really wear anything except eyeliner now.
  8. thanks! i really wanted to get it today but the marshall field's i went to didn't have it. boo. i guess i'll have to go to another one. but i'm definitely planning to check them both out.
  9. What products do you both like from her? I was interested in the Blemish Cover Stick and the Sheer Finish Loose Powder. Are they any good?
  10. As far as I've heard Accutane helps with shrinking the pores... drying your skin up, specifically messing up your sebaceous glands [[ the ones that make oil ]]. Don't worry about it, you're still on the 3rd week && if pores are the only problem... you're lucky. Plus, it'll help in the long run. Good luck. <333
  11. Differin takes a long time to work even if it does work... you have to stay on it for 2-4 months. I hated it. I'm back on to Azelex. It works a lot better without the nasty feel of the gel [[ I used the gel, not the cream ]]. Plus, using it [[ only at night, not even in the morning ]] really just accentuated my acne whenever I put makeup on in the morning. It changed the texture of my skin really... Azelex helps with smoothing out & acne. Differin made my skin more rough & makeup di
  12. I like it. My acne is getting better... probably from the Azelex [[ I tried Differin for awhile, GAG... anyways ]] but I really like the scrub... I think it's already helped my redness [[ I feel like the Azelex makes me more red so yeah ]].