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  1. Its hard to tell how long it would take for those marks to fade naturally. But if you use AHA or perhaps Retinoic Acid, it can definitely speed up the "fading process". Let's say a month or two? Just be sure to use sunblock while you're on AHA.
  2. I can totallly relate to you. And I think most of the people here who have suffered from moderate to severe acne would also say the same. Our acne looks different in different lightings.
  3. Perhaps, its something that needs professional help. Like a dermatologist. I really, really want to help but I dont know what products/treatment I should recommend coz I'm not an expert.
  4. try using Physiogel cleanser. its kinda like cetaphil except that it doesnt sting and still matches to our skin's pH. And for me, it cleans your skin really well without drying it. Its as gentle as water.
  5. You know what, I've been suffering from acne for two year already and in that period of time, I've tried a bunch of topical and antibiotic from dermatologist and until now, I still have acne. I actually feel like killing myself now. But i wont because I have to fight. I have God. its so hard to make sense out of whats happening to me right now and to all of us who's suffering from acne....but I know He has a plan. And feel free to PM me too if you need someone to talk to.
  6. but aside from doxycycline, are u still using topical creams now?
  7. Hey Rishav, while reading your post, I actually felt like I was reading my "story" as well. I also started getting acne when I was 14 and it became worse as years passed by. Now I'm 17 and I'm just so DESPERATE to get rid of my acne. But treating my acne was really hard for me since my mom doesnt really understand what I'm going through and it actually took me a lot of time and patience just to convince her to take me to a dermatologist. My acne treatment started last January 23, 2014 and it 2 m
  8. Well i actually thought that aside from my dermatologist, i should also see a psychologist or some counselor or even a priest just to make me feel better. I keep on praying to God to make my acne gone and I'm hoping that He'll do it because I seriously cant handle this stuff anymore. It makes me depressed, gives me severe mood swings....in short, its driving me crazy!
  9. I actually tried working out back when my acne was very severe and i was under a treatment that was similar to Acne.org's the regimen, and in my own experience, leaving that sweat on your face after you workout is definitely NOT good for acne. that sweat causes a lot of bacteria to accumulate on your face which can make your acne even more severe. You just to decide which one is more important for you------clear skin or a fit bod? I mean, you can still stay fit if you'll just watch your diet and
  10. Rocker165

    Second Week under Acne Treatment

    My dermatologist prescribed me Epiduo, Retinoic Acid and Doxycycline. I use Epiduo in the morning at Retinoic Acid at night. I take Doxycycline before breakfast and dinner.
  11. Rocker165

    First Week under Acne Treatment

    My dermatologist prescribed me Epiduo, Retinoic Acid and Doxycycline. I use Epiduo in the morning at Retinoic Acid at night. I take Doxycycline before breakfast and dinner.
  12. Hey, I'm a 16 year-old guy and I've actually been experiencing the same. When our Christmas vacation started, I just stayed home all day coz there's this acne ointment I'm using and I really cant go out with that ointment on my face. I even came to the point when I feel so sorry for myself coz my friends are out there enjoying the holidays and I'm just in my room doing nothing but just watching anime. I really dont know what to tell you so that I'll be able to cheer you up but I just want you to
  13. I totally agree with you. I mean its really hard going to school if you have acne. And just like you, I even skipped classes when my acne is at it's worst stage. Not to mention that almost every kid at school bully us because of our skin condition. Have u been to a dermatologist?