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  1. Thank you for the response I hope so , My derm seemed adamant they will soon go away, she even was eager for me to go back on the Accutane in order to finish my course once these symptoms go away. My head says this would not be wise, and just blind reckless on her behalf , I don't want to take any risks, and furthermore thus far the vision issues etc show no signs of going, at night it's worse and I'f Im outside in the busy public (I live in a busy city) my head is spinning, it's like things are
  2. Anyone? I stopped the medication but unfortunately these effects still remain, the doctor and derm seem fairly confident they will reverse themselves but I'm growing hesitant. I just hope there isn't lasting damage especially for my vision! Did anyone have similar problem?
  3. About 10 days ago after about 3 months through my course, started to develop blurred vision, dizziness, general feeling of feeling disorientated and tingling in hands and feet. Was told by Derm to go down a dose and if it persisted after 2 days then to discontinue use of medication. Anyone have similar issues? I hope the blurred vision isn't permanent (seeing eye specialist this week) and now I've stopped the tane it will alleviate......... frustrating cause the tane produced great results...
  4. First few days on it and feel fine emotionally which is good. Have a strange side effect I've just noticed though and wondering if this is common or unusual whilst on Accutane. My nose feels rather strange, like a bit tender. Also my forehead feels tight.... it's pretty minimal and not painful at all just a bit weird. I didn't have SPF on today and was in the sunlight albeit for a short period of time could this be why? cheers
  5. I'm on day 2 of 20 mg too, felt weird today but nothing severe, could still go out and do my things. Bit drowsy if anything but guess it's normal wouldn't worry about it.
  6. http://www.acne-scars.co.nr/ Seems too good to be true. Thoughts? Anyone heard of this able to offer any insight?
  7. My theory is that if you are more loving to yourself then other people's opinion's will cease to effect you as much. If you're happiness is reliant on the outside then you'll forever be a prisoner. My strategy is to wake up in the morning look in the mirror, cup my balls and say you're the f****** man!!!!!! It sounds absurd but I feel like 8 feet tall after doing it. Some days though I'm more vulnerable, some days extremely vulnerable but usually when I try and do something positive and be lovin
  8. Does everyone experience hair loss on Roaccutane? And is Roaccutane the UK version of Accutane? Never heard of accutane here in the Kingdom United.
  9. This is what fucks my confidence up too. People very rarely comment on my face or ask me what's wrong directly to me. But I KNOW that even if they're not saying it, they're definitely thinking it. And even probably talk about it with other people when I'm not with them You should be on stage bruv , mind reader you'd be as prosperous as Switzerland the amount of money you'd make!
  10. I don't believe God is a punishing god , he's not self righteous. Keep the faith
  11. Fair enough but go to Church bruv, don't let him live rent free in your head. Let go and move on, genuine loving people will come into your life. Holding onto that hate is like throwing poison on the problem. You've made up your mind, so forget about this guy and keep on living your life. The right people will love you for who you are PEACE
  12. Yes but I believe there is a multitude of factors which contribute to acne. Hormones, Anxiety amongst others.
  13. Maybe he was having a bad day? If it's a long standing relationship (which it sounds as if it is) it would be a shame to end it. Maybe call him and have a genuine honest conversation with him?
  14. It sounds appeeling...... *gets my coat
  15. Just for today I won't play a solo on the devil's clarinet. Day at a time bruv