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  1. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    Omni i stopped using lip stuff at all and start using aquaphor healing ointment what u put on wounds and stuff like neosporin works AMAING and its so gresey and stuff !! <3 it lol i use Vitamin E oil on my dry patches of skin and a organic lotion on my body (not face use crave PM and AM on my face)
  2. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    i started during aquaphor at nite to right before bed i like cake it on lol my lips arnt chapped anymore dry but not chapped the corners are cracked tho and wont hell i think id rather have chapped lips ! i cant eat and i feel like everyone is prolly like WHAT IS THT !! lol
  3. the side effects deff suck lol my purse is like a haven of stuff lol 3 different kinds of chapsticks vitamin e oil in a spray tube lotion lol eye drops (just in case) nasal spray (just in case) lol so funny but worth it for me i guess :/ id wait atleast 30days or consult with a dermatologist on how long they think is best you should be able to jut call the office and speak with his nurse.
  4. the derm office i work with does blood every month on males and everyother month on females when u come in for the first time we do a urine for pregnancy 30 days later a blood then every 30 days a new blood test ? ive never heard of not doing blood....
  5. Your skin look freaking amazing thats so great congrats on those results !!! i know ur a guy haha but beautiful skin !
  6. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    wish i could give advice on the lips feeling like there burnt but mine are just chapped and well theres hope if they went away !!
  7. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    yea my lips got dry WAY FAST to and i was peeling it off so it was cracking and bleeding and looked AWFUL and then a friend at work was like just get a moist paper towl or wash cloth and rub the dead skin off and i was like oh man live savor !!! lol but if i forget to aquaphor at night im doomed !! im excited i found this site tho so im not the only person suffering haha does anyone else have the "accutane rash" dry like red circle spots mine are starting on my hands..it was just my right and
  8. MAJess

    What To Do With 2 Month Cyst?

    you can go to a dermatologist and they will eaither open it and drain it or inject kenalogg into it to make the inflamation and everything go down if you dont want to biopsy just ask for the injections we do them all the time in the derm office im at...
  9. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    im 4"10 115 lbs lol yea its nice to be in a derm office i snatch samples of everything all the time haha and i say dr i need BIAFINE !! and then he writes the script for it so it is kinda a winning deal lol the master esthetician that works in my office her Daughter used that on the corners of her lips and stuff apparently it was awesome ? but u have to get a script for it. and i get to talk to all are accutane patients that come in for there once a month f/u so thats always nice!
  10. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    ill have to try that i work in a dermatology office so we did a LITTLE microderm around my nose just because i had black heads we couldnt get out lol so i put aquaphor on that lol what moisturizer have you been using on ur face? and all over?
  11. MAJess

    Chapstick ?

    lol yea I'm not far in yet but the chap lips are killing my I'm a really bad picker so i just keep pulling the skin off like a dumbie because i hate the feeling of them being chapped ! i do the Aquaphor stuff before bed because it makes my tongue tingly like numb ? lol and it taste AWFUL if u get it in ur mouth soo i GLOB it on before bed i started using DR DANS which i had to order offline and just received today my lips this morning were completely gross forgot the aquaphor last night. yea m
  12. Sdro have you spoke to a dermatologist maybe see if they will do kenalogg injections into the scalp we did that at the derm off i worked for ...for patients with hair loss...
  13. What kind of Chap sticks did everyone use while on Accutane I'm just curious whats working for everyone ! and does anyone have a rash on your hands like little red bumps ? I'm 22 and on week 5 day 31 of Accutane 30mg lol its kicking my butt. Wouldn't mind making some friends on here to complain with lol since we all most likely have similar side effects !