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  1. So I started using sulfur soap and my back was clearing up but then I moved to college and I'm not always able to leave it on for a while so recently I got about 3 big pimples on my shoulders. I made the mistake of picking at them, I just can't seem to leave them alone. They're gone now but they've left red marks which eventually fade but there's a hot tub party on campus next wednesday and I'd feel a lot better if I could get the redness down a little bit. Does anyone know of any tips on how
  2. Is it ok to still use bp on the area? I get the odd pimple on my forehead but I'm used to applying bp to the whole area since I always thought it was acne. I guess just spot treat? I'll have to take a look for some of the products mentioned in here. Right now I'm using t-gel for my scalp and I don't think that would do the trick. Would sulfur soap be ok? It's anti-fungal. I ordered some a while ago to try on my back . I'll definetely post how things are going for me. Thanks to every
  3. You know what..I think you might have figured it out! I also suffer from dandruff that's concentrated right at the front of the top of my head, or right above my forehead. I will definetely try that out. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hey guys, looking for some info on a little (well, big really) problem I've been having. The regimen has worked really well for me on my face except for my forehead. I always have a lot of pimples there and the weirdest thing is even when they're not big or anything you can see that they're there underneath the surface of the skin. When my skin is irritated they seem flare up but they're always there. I don't have long hair and I wash my hair every day and my face morning and night. What co
  5. As someone with clinical depression I don't appreciate some of the dumb comments made on here. I'm bipolar, it runs in the family. I didn't ask to be this way and there's nothing I can do about it. Meds do help me feel better so saying they do absolutely nothing is bull.
  6. How about we just settle on the fact that it's difficult for everyone, no matter what your gender happens to be. It's really a pointless argument. It's not easy for anyone.
  7. I'm so happy with the progress this far but my back has become quite dry and somewhat irritable. It's not a rash yet, I'll keep an eye on that and stop using head and shoulders for a while should that occur. Just wondering if I can be moisturizing as well or if I should simply cut back on the amount of H&S I put on, how often I use it or how long I leave it on. Thanks.
  8. Shane472


  9. At least once a day. Twice if I've gone to the gym or had a soccer practice.
  10. I'm the same way. I can't just ask out a girl I have some interest in. I have to really get to know them and it takes a long time before I feel comfortable asking them out. Probably why I date so little, that coupled with a lack of good looks. Another thing that sucks is that after all that time they just see you as a friend.
  11. 50% Grenadan 25% Polish 25% French The acne comes from my dads side (Grenada).
  12. I find it helps. When I was young I always had a goatee because my chin was my real problem area. Dragging a razor across it daily just irritated my skin and lead to lots of zits. For the past 4 years I've had some form of facial hair, it just feels kinda good having a bit less skin showing. Maybe it's just me who feels that way. The past year I've had a beard on and off and my skin has actually improved to the point where I was clean shaven for about two months and was pretty happy about m
  13. I hate being asked that. So awkward. My dad asks me all the time and acts like there's something wrong with me when I say I don't have one. I just usually don't even bother to answer anymore when people ask me. Just shrug it off. I've learned not to care what other people think by now.