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  1. Damn man I can relate to some of the stuff you said . Especially about getting social anxiety . My acne is isn't as bad right now , but when I look in the mirror that's all I seem to see . Keep your head up man . At the end of the day all those people aren't going to be there. I to sometimes wish I could sleep instead of going to work where all I see is people with clear skin
  2. I hope accutane doesn't affect you more . One of the reasons I didn't take accutane is because of the harsh side affects.
  3. Hey man don't beat yourself up so damn hard on this. You look young man , don't give up just because things aren't looking well at the moment . Your acne does not define who you are . Remember that . I've had my bad share of severe acne at the age of 18 and guess what I did at that age. I got a job at a company where every fucking person had clear skin . Now imagine how I felt walking into the building and seeing all these people. I fucking hated any contact with anyone for 2 fucking years . I s
  4. Keep this in mind , you are not alone ! There are tons of teenagers who are in the same state of mind as you . You're doing right by letting it all out on here . If you feel suicidal , get on this forum and read other peoples story. Write down how you feel here , as you saw there are a lot of caring people here . I hope you're doing well . Take care and remember chin up and smile
  5. Well thanks for making me feel a bit better about myself
  6. I know how you feel, I think most people here know that feeling . I skipped those teenage years too . From 19 to now 22 I've been suffering from mild to extreme acne . Waking up is a drag knowing that I'm going to face myself in the mirror and see something I don't like . Last week I was breakout free and this week has been hell . I here for you if you need someone to talk too . I hope you're feeling better .