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  1. I totally understand the frustration/depression acne can cause. Reading around or posting on the "Emotional and psychological effects of acne" section on this forum can help - have you checked around there? Unfortunately, it's completely normal to have acne at age 19. But on the positive side, there is a good chance it is not permanent - it's just something that sucks for the time being, but you'll get through it in time. If other treatments aren't working, I would suggest sticking with the
  2. You shouldn't bother with homeopathy on accutane because, regardless, homeopathy is unproven quackery. Your skin will clear up on Accutane - I'm almost certain. Best of luck to you and stay positive - your skin will clear in no time!
  3. Wishclean, 1. Could you cite where forehead acne is linked to detoxing/liver issues? To me, that sounds like pseudo-science. I believe only jawline/chin acne in women is the only type of acne linked to any location (with that being related to fluctuating hormone levels i.e. during menstruation). 2. Please be very wary of messing with androgen levels during male puberty. I would suggest against it. 3. Supplements may help a bit, but more than likely the effect isn't going to b
  4. I'm 100% with Flaxen (but I can't use the quote button for some reason?). One thing I want to point out is that the link between Accutane and depression/mood changes is rather questionable - in many cases, the depression can simply be attributed to having severe acne. A few studies have even shown that Accutane lowers depression/anxiety rates. Ultimately, no one can tell someone what to do with their health, but I do strongly suggest Accutane for anyone with severe acne that isn't responding
  5. The link between diet and acne is questionable at best. For me, changing my diet led to ridiculous frustration ("why isn't this working?"). Accutane has a relapse rate of ~33% and the vast majority of the time the acne comes back much milder - and much easier to treat topically. For me, taking accutane meant I could live a normal life finally - no more sleeping on a towel every night, freaking out over touching my face accidentally, oily skin, PAINFUL cysts, worrying about an unproven link be
  6. These are just pores and they're not even big (especially for male skin, which tends to have larger pores). Look around celebrity-closeup.com to see what I mean - we're just used to seeing flawless skin in advertising when nobody has pore-free skin. Pores cannot physically shrink but you can make them appear smaller by keeping them cleaned out. You do appear to have sebaceous filaments on your nose (everyone has them - they're the black dots) that might make them look larger to you. I would
  7. The exfoliation should help but unfortunately it can take some time. The best thing you can do is control active breakouts so you stop getting new marks.Hmm..as I said, ideally get matched and hear suggestions from MAC or Sephora (it is free and they show you how to apply everything). But if you cant, something else to try might be e.l.f. powder foundations (from Target or Walmart in my area). The lightest shade has some yellow to it and it only costs $1 if I remember correctly (and it doesnt
  8. Makeup. I know you're male, but makeup can help so much. I was afraid to use makeup as a male but it has saved my self esteem so much, especially when my acne was worst. If you're worried about it looking obvious, have a professional show you how to apply/what products to use and match your skin tone. It can look like you're not wearing any at all. Go to either Sephora or a MAC store - they're higher end and know what they're doing. I know that can be really intimidating, but both companie
  9. ..... ? they are scarred pores and they can be fixed by getting certain procedures to fix them I personally think they are just large pores. A few of the larger ones might be scarred pores but they are pretty uniform in size which is why I would not consider them "scars." Pores (not scars) cannot shrink down in size - from my understanding. I could be wrong.
  10. These aren't acne scars - they're pores. They tend to get larger around the T-zone and it's completely normal (and not fixable). Larger pores tend to be associated with oily skin. You also don't have blackheads. Those are sebaceous filaments and everyone has them. They will never go away completely but you can drastically improve their appearance with a daily BHA or AHA (I recommend Stridex pads in the red box) and/or the Oil Cleansing Method.
  11. well said panos If you two believe in it so whole-heartedly, post pictures. I would be extremely interested to see your vanishing scars (or anyone else's). Where are the results? You might as well say..."scrub your skin with paint 2x a day and your scars will disappear!" There is no sense in believing in something like this without previous examples/proof.
  12. thats your opinion but i believe this works Why do you choose to believe something with no evidence to support it? In fact, it has evidence to support it is an overall negative to your health. He says your amount of scarring essentially has to do with how acidic your body is - what? That is way oversimplifying it. For example, certain skin types can be genetically prone to scarring - as I said in another topic, African Americans are much more likely to have keloid scars than caucasians. Th
  13. The only thing a diet of only orange or pineapple juice will do is put your health at risk. Please read here for more information. That was a crap article. Fasting cures everything including scars.But one should know their limits. This is setting up false expectations and potentially causing bad health. How many doctors need to say that until it becomes true? Logically, something should be proven then believed - not believed then proven/disproven. This is the latter. Where are the pe
  14. Or not. It didn't work for me. My suggestions: No coconut oil! It might be ok for your face, but it is generally quite comedogenic and will break out some people badly. Look into a different moisturizer - Cerave (in the tub) is a great option, but if you're looking for something more natural and light then there are some alternative oils to look into. Jojoba and Argan oil come to mind. For treatments themselves, I know you've tried Retin-A, but have you tried Tazorac? That's a
  15. The only thing a diet of only orange or pineapple juice will do is put your health at risk. Please read here for more information.
  16. Well-said LeadingForce !!! However, that isn't on topic anymore (and never was - I shouldn't have continued it either). Why are you ignoring my private message to continue this debate though? That would be on topic. Perhaps you could help yourself by defending your alternate points of view instead of spreading it without valid sources (that probably sounds aggressive but I genuinely don't mean it to sound so).
  17. That's alright. I will continue to debate but only through private message. This is a very important topic.
  18. You're very right and I am sorry for letting myself get so far off from topic (...again, lol). Let's go back to the topic as AghhNe said. I agree to disagree, and that's ok. Neither one of us will change so it's not really going to help.
  19. ...why are you playing Russian roulette with your health like this? Melanoma is not to be taken lightly: according to one study, about 86 percent of melanomas can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun (Parkin DM, Mesher D, P Sasieni. Cancers attributable to solar (ultraviolet) radiation exposure in the UK in 2010). And just because you don't have any wrinkles (yet) doesn't mean that the sun doesn't cause wrinkles. Really. I showed you this before but you seemed
  20. I'm not advocating eating crap - at all. An unhealthy diet is horrible for your body. But I think we have two definitions of "crap" here (I don't believe something has to be vegan, etc. to be healthy). I noticed you mention at the beginning that you are implying the association between diet and acne is because you believe your diet affects your hormones. What about the fact that people have different hormone levels naturally - not related to diet? Some men and women produce more androgens g
  21. And my aunt-in-law's sister? I found out about this because we met her when I took a trip to meet her family. Rural Iowa - they are practically the definition of "natural." They live entirely off the land, supposedly washes her face once every morning with spring water. Fourty years old. Still has acne (nevermind the sun damage). It is not that simple and I guarantee if she just incorporated lemon juice (which is an improper pH for the skin and will cause damage), her acne will not just po
  22. My aunt-in-law's sister grows all her own food on her farm in Iowa. That's all she eats. She has acne. My cousin is vegan. She has acne. By the way, you're passing a pretty strong judgement on literally 93% of the population (including me).
  23. You are going to write off years of research by thousands of people on the causes of acne because of your one, single case study and feel ok saying anyone who doesn't believe a bad diet causes acne is "intellectually challenged"?
  24. I don't even know where to begin. This feels extremely condescending and is full of dangerous misinformation. This upcoming information is from a dermatologist - a doctor whose entire career is to learn about the skin and treat skin problems. Another quote on detoxing from Dr. Anne Chapas: "This theory is false. The skin's job is to keep things out, not to release impurities from the body. That's why we have a liver and kidneys—they are the organs responsible for detox." If your body could n
  25. It's utterly reprehensible, in my opinion, to be offering this advice. I understand you mean well, but please leave scar treatment to the medical professions and studies. The government does not have some massive depopulation plan and certainly isn't trying to poison you (FDA?). Your scars have little to nothing to do with your diet or if you have eaten non-organic, non-vegan. If you could provide any peer-reviewed papers to provide proof, it would be much appreciated. Detoxing is a myth -