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    Many interests, but mainly to fight acne!!! I don't want anyone else to feel the way I have.

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    Working on things that require your hands. (Keeps your mind off acne)

    Trying to find that carefree happiness if it's out there WAIT UP FOR ME!!!

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  1. thanks for taking the time to give your input, im kind of skeptical about this but to be honest everything pretty much hasnt worked for me. I'll def give it a try, does kind of make sense tho. I used to use sulfur masks, and they didnt really work for me either my face would just get oily as hell after. So clay mask i'll try, I actually do use the neutrogena sunscreen, but I'm actually not in the sun during my line of work so I dont think it's a major effect on me. And trust me, I've been th
  2. So I browse these forums a lot because acne was a big part of my life. Ever since 7th grade people always commented to me about my oily skin and it is in fact indeed oily. oily enough to see pools of oil seeping out my pores just 5-10 minutes after washing my face. 15 minutes in I'd have a nice layer of oil on my face no matter what. I've tried moisturizing, jojoba oil, aha, acv, fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin d, probiotics, but nothing seems to change. Moisturizing would leave a thick laye
  3. Milk of magnesia only seems to keep me non oily for a hour =/
  4. I feel like this I just hit an all time low tonite. I don't even know what it's like to be confident anymore? Shit bro we need help.
  5. You guys ever been at an all time low before? Now I never believed in suicidal thoughts but these days I've been slowly falling apart. I know it's wrong to be depressed but imagine having this constant conflict in your head, always worried, always feeling like a failure. When did I reach this all time low? I don't even feel like trying to fight this acne I'm fucking tired and disappointed in myself that I let something as trivial as acne ruin my whole life. Never had a happy childhood. N
  6. Need some help here guys, I have really bad oily skin. I've dealt with acne and have some light-moderate scarring, my acne itself has gone down but I have a few pimples here and there. My main problem is my oily skin tho, I feel like its a direct contribution to me getting these new pimples from time to time. It will literally get oily like 10-15 minutes after I wash my face and if you look closely you can see beads of oily pooling out of my pores (especially on my nose!). It's very frustrat
  7. Yes you should relax man, cause your acne problem aint too bad.
  8. Troubled about nothing it seems, the guy looks like he never even had a serious breakout in his whole life. There are many people suffering outside with way worse acne/skin scarring and they never asked for it or wanted it. If Foundations is busting a nut over how bad his acne problem is, dam he probably must views people with actual acne problems as monsters. It is a total waste, I for one hate seeing people put pictures of clear skin on forums where people go for insight when they have bad
  9. Your scars are non existant. i wouldnt consider those red marks, hyperpigmentation or any type of scarring whatsoever period. Just looks like you have rosy cheeks from being in the sun. I would say continue what your doing, put on SPF when you go out moisturize and eat well of course. And you'll stay that way with clear skin.
  10. Finally after 6 months my active acne has all disappeared. Unfortunately using Dan's regimen has caused many of my acnes to have hyperpigmentation and some have actually scarred the tissue on my skin as well as having Hyperpigmentation. I can only assume that these will never be healed (the color is fading very slowly but its still a depressed scar. What should be the next course of action I should take to get rid of my scarring. (PIH, Rolling, Boxcar Scars) Anyone have any surgeries recomme
  11. Just started my 10th week on the regimen and Im starting to see results for my active acne. Im left with all these red/dark marks tho and they seem to be slightly depressed with shallow scarring I cant be too sure because of shadows but it feels like I have these rolling scars. Now besides the dkr I havent used anything else or picked my pimples. Anyone know if these will even out in time, I know PIH takes time to fade but I am worried about the texture of my skin moreso. Would tca peels hel
  12. you'll get there dude, it sucks suffering alone doesn't it. You make your family proud by just being alive, suicide is such a foolish way to end things. With that type of attitude you'll only create a stronger bond with your family and a positive outlook on beating acne. Let us know how your life is down the road. This post was so great to me. And Ace sounds like a terrific dog.
  13. I am sick and tired of acne and, how much time I spend researching, how much minutes spent scrutinizing my face in the mirror, how much sorrow I feel staring at a mirror, how I have used so many products all over my face, how I'm more self-conscious and aware of how to keep good skin but never have experienced it for a while, how in awe I am at seeing other peoples clear skin, how much time I have wasted in my life worrying about acne, how much events I missed because of acne, how much moments
  14. lol, you won one for all the silent acne sufferers out there. If she really cared about your acne and you she would help you and talk to you about it. How foolish people are to think that we don't care about our acne and it's alright for them to make these brash uneducated comments. Don't let people bring you down, you'd think family would always be there for you. At the same time you have to understand your aunt doesn't know better, maybe she was fortunate enough not to have acne but to thi
  15. Next to going to a dermatologist, the best we can do is try and find ways to fight acne on our own. Just gotta keep trying bro, whether it's doing the regimen, not drinking milk, taking supplements, avoiding greasy food, drinking lots of water, exercising, accutane, benzoyl peroxide, moisturizing, etc. you're just gonna have to try them all. Worst thing you can do right now is give up, and damn man your parents are definitely not helping you by putting salt on your wounds. Acne man such a was