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  1. Another week on Accutane. I've had a lot of dryness on my hands that doesn't seem to want to go away easy. I have a prescription cream from my dermatologist that I use at morning and night and when I remember, I moisturize with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. I feel like my biggest problems right now are around my mouth. I've had a cold sore, some bumps and my lips are as dry as ever. However, the cold sore from two weeks ago is pretty much gone and I'm waiting for the bumps beside my mouth t
  2. Ughhhh. Late again. I’ve been feeling very fatigued and between that, being busy and just having general craziness in life, this blog hasn’t been a huge priority. The biggest grief I’ve had this week has been the stupid cold sore I got last week and tried vehemently to get it to go away. I put apple cider vinegar on it almost every hour, I’ve kept it moist with Aquaphor and Vaseline, I’ve put a liquid bandage on it, the list goes on… but I think it’s finally beginning to go away. I think m
  3. For anyone who might follow this blog, sorry that I’m a day late on this update. Life has been more than crazy lately. I’ve had a lot of stress in my family with my father who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and also, lately, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Acute Monocytic Leukemia. It’s been very difficult and stressful, but these hard times will pass eventually, I am sure of it. Update skin wise – my hands and around my elbows are just really dry.
  4. I've always found it difficult to find anything helpful on back acne, so hey are in that together. I'm taking 60 mgs a day of Absorica. I don't have any great advice for popping/picking other than to just try to leave it alone, although I know it is really hard sometimes.
  5. I’ve officially broken into month three! I had my dermatologist appointment earlier this week and according to him, I am through the worst of my acne and from this point on, my skin should start to smooth out. The pictures really aren’t that great this week, but I think I am seeing some improvement on my face. I’ve have some breakouts on my chest, though. The improvement on my back is slow, but the dermatologist said that the back would be the last thing to improve. We talked about crazy d
  6. Hello people out there! Not really that much to update this week. I get my blood work done tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to it, but hopefully it will go better this time than last month. The eczema that I had about a week and a half ago is so much better now and the top of my arms feel like butter. Seriously. Sorry, this is going to be a short post, but I haven’t had any big side effects or breakouts this week. So let’s check out this week’s pictures:
  7. The skin on my arms freaked out like crazy this past week. I started out getting these small, red bumps on my hands and then it eventually went up my arms. I assume it was eczema from the Accutane. I called my doctor’s office and they prescribed me a cream and recommended that I get CeraVe and use it on my on hands and arms. I think it has really helped. The skin is still dry, but it is not as red and bumpy as it was. Other than that, lips are still dry as usual. I got a big cystic spot on m
  8. I feel like my body has been through a lot lately! Not related to the Accutane, but I went hiking a couple of weeks ago and scraped my knees and ankles, I spent some time outside and ended up with a bad tick bite, got my eyebrows waxed and ended up with a burn that made my eye pretty swollen for about a day AND THEN I got a really bad rug burn on my knee last weekend. Okay, I should have known better than to get my eyebrows waxed while on Accutane, but I needed to get them done. My burn from tha
  9. My lips are dry as ever and are definitely peeling. The left corner of my mouth is cracking and it doesn’t seem to matter how much Vaseline I put on it, it still cracks and bleeds. Beyond the dry lips, I’ve had more dry skin, but nothing big or major other than that. When I visited my dermatologist last week, he told me that my face would improve first before my back. It’s only been six weeks and I really haven’t seen a dramatic improvement just yet. I think that for most people, the t
  10. Hey there, I assure you that I did not go into this blindly and I know what I am doing. I appreciate the concern, but I have discussed this with my doctor and am actually doing really great on this medicine.
  11. This week has been so weird between all kinds of news and terrible things happening in the world and then having to deal with the annoying process of trying to get a new Accutane prescription. I saw my dermatologist this week and thankfully all of my blood work was great and I was good to go to get another prescription. The first time I saw my dermatologist, though, he wanted me to get Absorica, which is a brand new version of isotretinoin. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford t
  12. I'm on week 5 of my medicine now, and since acne.org wouldn't let me post my original blog URL here, I have a blog posted through this website. I think you might be able to find it through my profile. I'm doing well on the medicine so far and just got my prescription for the second month. I sort of have a huge rant on that though, and I'm going to elaborate about that on my blog.
  13. Okay, guys, here’s my week 5 update: Symptoms – Just more dry lips. The corners of my lips have started to really dry out and that has been pretty annoying. I have had a lot of lower back pain, but I’m not sure if that’s related to the Accutane or not. I go to my dermatologist tomorrow, so I’ll talk to him about that. I cannot believe that I’ve already finished my first month! I got my second round of blood work done yesterday. My experience at the lab was fine for the most part except
  14. Symptom update: My lips are definitely dry, so I have to keep up on the Aquaphor so they don't get too chapped or feel completely awful. The corner of my mouth have started cracking and that has been annoying the last several days. I don't know if it's related to the Accutane, but my lower back has been killing me for about a week and a half. It hasn't been so bad today, but a few days ago it was was definitely hurting. I had to buy some different skincare products because the prod
  15. Hey guys! This is my week 3, day 16 update of my Accutane treatment. I don't have much else to say on side effects besides that I definitely feel the dry lips, but as long as I keep up on my Aquaphor, it really isn't bad. I do have a few active places on my face right now, so hopefully those will be gone before too long. I am taking 30 mgs of Myorisan for right now and I hope that my dermatologist will increase that something else when I see him in a couple of weeks. How are you gu