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  1. And 2 years from my last post! Still visit often to buy my beloved BP haha! Just a little update as I always promised I would, even when I became clear. My routine is now: AM Wash face lightly with a Face Halo and plain water, apply a small amount of BP only on cheeks, 2% hyaluronic acid and finally Cetaphil rich moisturiser. PM Remove make up with Face Halo, cleanse with CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, apply Differin 0.1% and finish with 2% hyaluronic acid.
  2. Yes but it took a lot of time I am afraid. Obviously this is just my personal experience but it took best part of a year to get my marks to die down to unnoticeable levels, however I am realllly pale so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?!
  3. For those who want to know I have been using Differin cream and BP. By accident of the pharmacy I am now using Differin gel apparently. I'll use this tube and see how it goes. First impressions are good. My skin feels leas dry and flakey but I don't know if that's from the gel (unlikely) or starting to use Cetaphils moisturiser. I heard everyone rave about Cetaphil but it's so hard to come by in the UK but my local drugstore has started stocking it and I am in LOVE!!! Here's a little photo updat
  4. Hi, I have been on Differin CREAM for nearly 2 years now and basically just use it for maintenence -I have been pretty clear for over a year now. I filled my script for it and picked it up, obviously assuming it was right as it said cream on my script. However, just went to use it and I have been given the GEL. Basically, apart from maybe my skin getting a little irritated from it will I have any chance of any untoward side effects if I just use it, any ideas?
  5. Just amother little update... I cannot believe how long I have been using differin now! Although it is pretty much maintinence for me now. I seem to be clear all month and then BAM PERIOD big ass spot on my chin. And you know what? I am happy with this. Really happy. I am a woman and I have a hormone rollercoaster ride to go on every month so I would say I have normal skin haha! Recently dabbled with BC to see if it would stop this big ass spot coming every month but had to stop after 2 weeks. A
  6. Hey, I have been using Differin for a year and a half and I also experienced what felt like millions of tiny bumps a short while into my treatment. Some of these came to be whiteheads, some became papules and some magically just disappeared. Although, in the end, they all went away which is the most important part. Differin in the beginning is very tough from my experience but it has been completely worth it fir me. For the best part of a year I have been what I would call 98% clear - I get one
  7. ihateusernamesx

    My skin

    My skin after 2 courses of accutane. Album created on second week of Differin. I think? I have comedonal acne.
  8. Heyyy! Just another long overdue update from me. Id love to update more but half the time there's nothing to report and sometimes I feel when I use this website *too* much I become obsessed with my skin and I am trying to break that habit. Basically been 14 months since I started my last ditch effort - Differin. I have made the decision to start cutting down on how much I use now. I never, ever used a 'pea sized' amount (bad - I know!) and recently I used a full 45mg tube in less than a mont
  9. Really? I see lots of raised bumps just under both sides of my lips, it's hard to capture. Maybe this is a better picture
  10. I've had some of these 'bumps' for a while(some, I think, are newer) and now I don't have acne anymore they've become very noticeable to me. They are flesh coloured and smooth to the touch. I have been using Differin on them for one week (I've been using it on my cheeks for 1 year) and maybe two or three of these bumps have gotten bigger but not inflamed. When I stretch my skin out most of them disappear which makes me think that this isn't clogged pores or closed comedones or anything, but I mi
  11. Thanks hun! I am trying to be positive as I can be, it's so tough when you see results and then it feels it goes to shit!
  12. Hey so I have been using Dans regimen / Differin at night for a year TO THE DAY! Overall I have had amazing results, my cheeks are clear, my nose is clear, my forehead crystal clear and had amazing scar and pigmentation reduction, amazing right? Howeverrr, over the past couple of weeks I have had a strange resurgence of.. something? on my chin. I am not sure what these bumps are, but they're so unsightly. When I run my hand across my chin I cannot feel anything, it feels smooth and when I
  13. A year to the day since I began Differin and I am now battling a full blown breakout on my chin. HOORAY... Got 3 active and a whole load of clogged pores, bumps, who knows? I have no idea what's brought this on as I have changed absolutely nothing about my routine and overall I am a happier person mentally and physically than I have been in YEARS. To be quite honest I never used Differin on my chin, only BP on the odd spot I would get. I am now on Day 3 of using it on my chin, so kinda hoping
  14. So it has been ONE YEAR since I started using Differin PM/BP in the AM... To cut a long story short I think it's amazing still. I have had ZERO papules, whiteheads, big massive cysts since October 2015. NONE AT ALL. 98% of the time I have crystal clear skin but every now and then I get a group of clogged pores on my cheeks or chin but to most people there invisible. In fact to mark my Differin anniversary my skin has been SO KIND to me and given me about 10 clogged pores on my chin hahaha!
  15. And it bloody terrifies me - in a good way. Helllooo, I am awful at updating my blog now. It's purely because I have nothing to report. However, it frustrated me to see others' blogs slowly fade into nothingness when they started to get clear so I didn't want to do that! Been on Differin (PM) and Benzoyl Peroxide (AM) for nearly 8 months now. I have been 100% spot free since October last year. This still freaks me out that creams have helped were Accutane (twice) didn't! Due to the nature of