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  1. Dan, i would switch to vanishing during the day but it gets very humid here in New York , especially during the summer and its impossible not to sweat. Thats when that white residue comes out and stays on for the rest of the day. Thats the only reason i use tinted, which i noticed works worse than vanishing.
  2. Dan- Heres what i use: Morning: Cetaphil Cleansing bar or Antibacterial (whichever i find in the store) Same bar for shaving On The Spot tinted (about 1 finger for the whole face) Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy moisturizer Evening: Cleanse with Cetaphil Bar On The Spot vanishing ( i use 2-3 fingers worth, whole face) Could i be using too much BP? And also can you give some pointers on how to apply BP so white doesnt come out when i sweat or get my face wet, i saw your videos but no ma
  3. yeah, thats probably it, i'll start using less. Thanks for the help. [-o<
  4. Can it be from using way too much BP? At night i just slap a shit-load on my face and dont really worry about the exact amount,but i know that i'm using more than recomended so could that be it?
  5. I've been on the regimen for 1.5-2 months and it works wonders,but my skin is still reddish and its looks like i put a hot iron on my cheeks and got burned. Its not as red as it used to be when i just started but still noticable. I read that all redness should go away in 2 weeks,well its been almost 2 months and my skin is still red...i dont think i'm allergic to it, cause i used some BP products before and worst side effects were mild redness and some stinging. Anyone knows whats going on her
  6. I found that large amount of alcohol my blood actually dries up zit..dunno how or why though.
  7. i know its not supposed to completely dissapear,but at least it shouldn't look like i have brown make-up on my face. I know some people on this board use it and i wanna know how they get it to look normal.
  8. I decided to try tinted on-the-spot recently and it covers red marks and small pimples very good,but it doesnt seem to be absorbing completely no matter how much i rub it in, and after few mins it dries up and makes brown streaks if i try to rub it in. When i use moisturizer it clumps up with BP and looks very bad for the rest of the day. i can use small portions of tinted and get it to absorb,but if i use as much as dan recomends i get a brown film on my face that looks like makeup. anyone ha
  9. I actually have the same problem, i rub it in completely and then when i have water on my face it runs like crazy. it does help a lot though, theres no comparison how my face looks now from 2 month ago.
  10. I started smoking (cigarretes) at 15 and still do, and half a year later my acne blew up. I know that smoking makes skin worse,but can it be a deciding factor in whether someone has acne or not?
  11. when i started the regimen i broke out at my neck where i havent had any zits for months. i didnt touch them and they went away on their own in a couple of days, so i'd suggest to just leave them alone and avoid spreading infection.
  12. i'm in my 3rd week and my skin adjusted perfectly.
  13. what do you mean by limit the regimen in the morning? Apply less? when i apply BP it leaves no trace of white after 20 mins(so i guess it absorbs completely?) but if i sweat even for a second it comes out in those spots.
  14. I live in New York City where the summer is very hot and humid, so its basicly impossible to go out and dont sweat. i noticed that when i sweat just a little on my forehead (my acne-prone area) this white residue comes out , which i suspect is BP not a moisturizer. is there anyway to get around this? Maybe using less BP? if i dont find a solution i'll be forced to use BP only at night,but i'm affraid its not gonna be enough and i'll break out again. any advice?
  15. the way i understand it, pimple is a relatively small inflamation with pus that comes out in few days and cyst is a huge zit with some white-orangish shit inside and it dosent come out to the surface, so its unpoppable and can be on your face for months..