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  1. No the proof is in the reports actually
  2. Really just read ‘extinguishing the fires of hell’.
  3. Read ‘extinguishing the fires of hell’ by Grant Genereux. It wil clarity many of these symptoms for you, most notably the shrunken testicles, brain fog issues and aches joints.
  4. Nope. I mistakenly found this protocol some years ago and fully bought into it. For about 1.5 years I took their recommended supplements and so no difference in my symptoms. Hair testing may be beneficial. Near infrared sauna may be beneficial. I think we should all focus on vit a elimination diet now
  5. How about cognitive function? Have ou noticed improved memory etc?
  6. Can you remember roughly which ones. I wonder how to create a backup of this thread? I could imagine one day it won’t be here suddenly
  7. Some strategic spamming in this thread. Roche doesn’t like these discussions I guess
  8. Yep, I have exactly this also for brekky, oats with oat milk is fast, tasty enough, fibre and no vit a. Gluten free bread is my preference for seconds
  9. He does make incredibly convincing arguments though, and yes we PAS sufferers are probably at a whole new level with how we have been afflicted, yet we were still quite simply at the mercy of what clearly was vitamin a toxicity. To dispute that is plain ignorant. Its a bandwagon I’m more than comfortable with jumping on when hearing some posters here have suffered for 20+ years. A 6 month vit a elimination diet should be a walk in the park and a drop in the ocean in regards to that timesca
  10. His book ‘extinguishing the fire of hell’ is also well written and makes references to accutane. Very thorough. We should all read it!
  11. @under_tow I’ll probably find it in the book soon enough, but what does grant mention about how vit a is brought out of the body when on a total elimination diet? Is it just slowly getting used in what basic functions it may provide?
  12. Thank you @under_tow for reintroducing the concept of vitamin a toxicity. It’s how multi-faceted this problem is that leads us to shoot of on so many wild tangents, although they are all intertwined one way or another I suppose. Im reading Grants first book now and having such a paradigm shift which regards to how toxic vitamin a can be on the body and really kicking myself that I haven’t made this realisation myself. Total vitamin a elimination diet for minimum 6 months isn’t that hard.
  13. So have you attempted to improve your diet. Attempted fasting or gluten diet? got to start somewhere mate
  14. So have you attempted to improve your diet. Attempted fasting or gluten diet? got to start somewhere mate
  15. how many people here follow a strict gluten free diet?