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  1. soffiiaa

    Dark Spots

    Thanks! I really appreciate it! Will try it!
  2. soffiiaa

    Dark Spots

    Any advice on products or homemade remedies to reduce acne red/dark spots/marks? I have been using Garnie Dark Spot Remover for about two months and a half and it has done little to reduce the dark spots and I don't think it will get any better. Also once in a while I will cut a lemon and pour honey on it and rub it on my face but I have not used it long enough to see results.
  3. soffiiaa

    When Will It Stop?

    I'm in my second year of college and I still have acne since middle school Over the pasat few months it had gotten so bad that customers at my work were giving me pity looks and even advice on how to treat it. Since I started using Tea Tree Oil my acne has faded dramaticlly in a very short amount of time but I am stuck with the nasty red marks all over my face. My face looks like someone dotted me with red marker. Don't know if or when my acne will completely clear and stop appearing. I dream