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  1. Accutane has been a god send for myself. I'm 4.5 months into my 6 month treatment and I have only had about 5 zits in the last month or longer. All 5 of em were the smallest things in the world and only lasted about a day MAYBE 2 days. I can actually look people in the eyes now, i'm sooooooooooo much more confident in myself. So for me, accutane is the best thing ever since i've tried about a hundred things within a few years and now accutane has kicked acne in the ass and i'm 100% clear. T
  2. Yo bro....if 20mg a day is working that good for u then I say just stay on it....the only problem is that you'll have to be on it longer, but that's not too bad for the results your getting. Great man, keep it up -Shawn-
  3. Well, good to hear that it's already getting rid of the shingles so you can get back on accutane pronto!!! -Shawn-
  4. Yeah, moisturizing is actually a key element. Even if you don't have dry skin at the time, you should still moisturize to give your skin the needed moisture. Keep moisturizing! peace -Shawn-
  5. Dan, just make all of these ones about the BP, stickies. That way you don't have to bump them. Just my 2 cents -Shawn-
  6. Yes, i've been kissed on my face and it seemed to help cuz it took my mind off of acne so I wasn't as stressed out....making more zits. Seriously though, no I haven't, sorry bro. -Shawn-
  7. Ack!!! I've never heard about anyone getting shingles from accutane. Hopefully it's not linked to the accutane and that you can safely continue accutane to reap the rewards. Let's hope things work out -Shawn-
  8. Yeah...it'll all be worth it. And the thing about the eyes...my eyes aren't bothered as much now, but when I had really dry and irritated eyes, they watered all the time too. It's cuz your eyes try to compensate for the excessive drying and in turn, you end up with watery eyes sometimes. If that all makes sense Good luck and keep the faith.. -Shawn-
  9. No, you get the prescription from your US doctor, then you go to that website I said, print out the 3 forms, fill all them out...and on the 3rd form you attach your prescription. It's easy and relatively cheap compared to getting it straight from the US. good luck -Shawn-
  10. Tell the bitch to give you accutane or else your walking outta there to find a different derm. and you ain't paying for that gay little doctor visit for 2 minutes for him to say you can't have accutane. This is america, fuck em! You deserve better....like accutane! -Shawn-
  11. Read what I typed in the topic "accutane requirements". Do that stuff and you could also tell him to put you on accutane or else you'll just go to another derm who WILL! Honestly, some derms are in it for the money...prescribing acne victims all of these bullshit lotions and stuff that hardly even work. Well, good luck -Shawn-
  12. If you really want it then say you've tried lots of things and NOTHING has affected your acne....if anything, it's gotten worse. And then say it's affecting your social life cuz you don't want people to see you n shit. But don't say that your like hella depressed or anything already, cuz if your already depressed he might not prescribe it since accutane can cause more depression. But don't be afraid to ask for it if you feel like it's what you need. Cuz my first derm would try all of these
  13. Well, if you have insurance then accutane would be hella cheap for you...in most cases. Too bad I don't have insurance. I order from a canada pharmacy...the medicine shoppe at www.medsforless.com I pay about $180 a month for 80mg a day. I just get my prescription from my doctor, then spend 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork (which is on their site), along with my prescription, and I get it pretty quickly after that. If I ever need any prescriptions in the future i'd definately go through
  14. Well I was hella depressed before I even started accutane. Then when I got my initial breakout from the accutane, I got even more depressed (suicidal thoughts all the time) cuz I couldn't see my face EVER getting better. I had a horrible initial breakout....but it was worth it. -Shawn-