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  1. 7 Weeks, 1 Day... Hmmm, I'm not sure if anyone even reads these things... but I'm going to keep blogging my progress for me. Updates to regimen: I STOPPED Aczone. It just made my face too oily and the benefits (if any) did NOT keep up with the ridiculous cost of it. I SWITCHED from Solodyn to Doryx today at the dermatologist. She wasn't a fan of that rash on my chest that I posted in a picture a few posts up. They're both tetracyclines, but maybe we'll see a difference. If nothing
  2. Shaye

    Starting Week 3

    Week 3 and beyond... AM: Wash with Clarisonic & Cetaphil Aczone CeraVe Moisterizer (if face feels dry) EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen Makeup: Either powder over sunscreen, or very light mineral make-up. I cut out everything heavy until I clear up. Birth Control (Not for acne, but for low estrogen) PM: Wash with Clarisonic & Cetaphil Ziana at bedtime (1 hr s/p washing) CeraVe (30 min- 1hr s/p Ziana, ONLY if face feels dry) Solodyn 65 mg by mouth Sometimes: Glycolic gel- Mario Badescu Vitami
  3. After 28 Days. I stopped using Aczone as frequently. It just makes my face so oily to the point that blotting sheets are a waste of time. I've noticed no changes since I stopped using it. I'm not sure that $600 small tube of medicine is worth what my insurance paid for it. Who knows. Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality. My battery in my actual camera is charging, so I just used the iPhone. Nothing but sunscreen on my face.
  4. Hello, I recently read through a forum on a different website where women were placing topical estrogen on their face. Many of them are middle-aged. Some use a retinoid, then follow it up 20 minutes later with these creams. Many have mentioned that it has great anti-wrinkle properties and others said that it definitely helped clear up their hormonal acne. Several had this treatment recommended by their dermatologist (albeit, old-school doctors). Some used online purchases of estrogen, o
  5. WHOOPS! So I didn't realize there was a place to put our logs on here. I started a diary that I updated a few times on the regular forum... so I'm just going to copy and paste my progress over into this one so I don't annoy everyone in the regular forum . My regimen is in my signature. I finally started prescription medications on July 9, 2013 so I'm excited to see how this will turn out over the next year. Getting married in September 2014 Here is a copy of what I've posted so far.
  6. Day 20 on Ziana, Solodyn, & Aczone. Pictures updated in gallery.

  7. Day 20. I thought that I was over this so-called "purge," but I have had a few breakouts. Strangely, when they appear they are just red little macules that aren't fluctuant or painful. Then they go away. I did have one massive white-head on my left jawline. I went three days without messing with it and it just got bigger and bigger over a tender area of skin (think neck-like skin). So, I gently helped it out with a few cotton-tips this morning because I couldn't stand the pressure anymore.
  8. So far, so good.

    Strangely, it feels hydrating. No excessive facial dryness. Purging period has been very tolerable. This 60g tube will last MONTHS Cost ($500+/60g tube) without insurance. I know that I'm a bit early into this regimen to give it a completely review. I plan to update as I go along. However, I wanted to mention to those that are scared to death of the "purging" period... it seems to effect each person differently. I wasn't even sure if I was experiencing the purge. My acne had cleared up a lo
  9. Day 17: Redness over chest is not acne. I'm starting to think it's a mild reaction to the Solodyn. It is sometimes itchy and improves with hydrocortisone cream (regular acne would not). As long as it doesn't become terrible, I'm okay with this. These pictures are with some light mineral make-up without any concealer. I'm sticking to the bare minimum these days. I had a microdermabrasion complete a few days ago. It was FANTASTIC. I've had several before, but my skin never felt or l
  10. Hello, I recently had a very lengthy introduction on the forums, where I intend to keep a diary. I was recently started on Ziana, Solodyn, and Aczone for acne that I've had for years but never saw a dermatologist for. I'm getting married in a year... so now starts my journey to clear skin! I started out with mild-moderate acne, then recently had an explosion of hormonal acne within the past 6 months that prompted me to finally get treated. Cross your fingers! Derm wants to try Accutane next
  11. 1) Do worry about how much you apply. It's easier for me to take a tiny amount out of the tube and spread it on one area at a time. It's harder to do a pea-size if you try to do your entire face at once because the gel dries quickly. Never slather it on your face. It will not work "better" -- it can definitely make your face very red and irritated. Never try to do "spot" treatments. It's a waste of time and asking for irritation. This is potent medication, don't play around with it. 2) I
  12. Yeast infections are fairly common in women taking antibiotics. If you're not wanting to see a doctor, most yeast infections are treatable with OTC, non-prescription medications for yeast infections. They're the same as the prescription medications, but in lower concentrations. The downside is that you don't have a clinician confirming that it is a yeast infection. Usually thick, white, cottage-cheese like consistency with persistent itching. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are also common w
  13. Hello! I'm starting my own journal on my journey to clear skin. I'm 25 years old (female) and have always dealt with acne since I was about 10 years old. It started to improve with only a few breakouts-- but always some activity present. Then, earlier this year... I had an explosion on my face! Worst break-out I've EVER had. I have a condition that causes low estrogen, so I always knew that my breakouts were hormonal (imbalance of androgens, estrogen... plus bad genes). Well, now I'