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  1. I've been on the regimen for about two months or longer and have seen little to no improvement at all, for about a week at one point i was clear and right now its the worst its ever been. I am not 100% sure but from research im guessing i suffer from hormonal acne as I am a guy and my face is COMPLETELY clear but my jawline/chest/back are absolutely disgusting (worst being jawline). I have been experimenting with other things on the regimen on the way through which is probably frowned upon i sup
  2. I have started taking a few different vitamins in hope to help my mild/moderate acne to completely clear off. I am doing the regimen but am not sure how much of these vitamins i should be taking for it to be enough to work. I have: Vitamin D3 1000IU tablets Vitamin A 5000IU capsules Zinc tablets 125mg not 100% sure with the zincs as im confused but this is what the back of the jar says and im quoting directly "Contains: Zinc amino acid chelate (Zinc 25mg) 125mg" so im guessing the pil
  3. Thanks for the advice I will be trying this, I have heard witch hazel is an avoided ingredient in fighting acne? however i have read online and on the bottle that it is powerful for fighting it at the same time, I have a bottle of witch hazel toner/astringent sitting around that i havent been using, would this be okay for my back/chest? And i seen in the avoided items list on this site Sodium laurel sulfate or something along the lines of that is bad, and both my shampoo, shaving cream, and c
  4. I have always controlled my acne by just using BP cream whenever i break out and it has usually controlled it pretty well, however recently my face, back, shoulders, and chest have broken out terribly (compared to usual). I have been using the regimen from this site with different products and it has been working pretty well as far as i can see on my face, shoulders, and back, but for some reason my chest looks so inflamed and red and i am a person who loves going to the beach multiple times