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  1. I think it takes me 2 months to clear the acnes.i use aha everyday after moisture but nicmic told me to use before Bp but I always afraid get acne so I start it slow.you guys r realli kind to me I really can't tell the difference in pic but it did fade in person
  2. The below link is my face before AHA This is what I got now. coz people always ask me how I got the result.I think it is fading little bit but it is not realli obvious in the picture I am going back to Hong Kong tomorrow.I am so excited though I still haven't gotten flawless skin yet.
  3. How is the regimen going for you? How did use of AHA work out? I think it is fading little bit I wanna attach pic but i dunno how to do, maybe I will open a new post to let you know what I got.
  4. I m on 3 months .i got one or two tiny pumps sometimes.i m so worried i get a huge break out again after AHA.the most corcern abt is the hyperpigmentation now n those tiny pumps.cheers honey .ur acnes will be clear
  5. How long does it take for the AHA to try when you spot-treat it? I usually spot treat my blemishes with AHA after the last step, and even when I wake up in the morning the AHA doesn't realllllly seem dry. Am I just using too much AHA when I do spot treatments?? hey guys I just got the email for the staff in acne.org,He told me the proper way to using AHA is to apply aha first then BP.It is same as what nicmic did.I hope it helps wirh others .cheers!!
  6. Oic lemme try your method tomorrow :) thank you :) i hate the hyperpigmentation.they makes you ugly
  7. I am afraid i gonna cause acnes like that kinda irriate .did u cause acnes? People said bp will make your red spot get longer so i am thinking if i should stop bp or reduce dose
  8. Can someone share their successful story about clear up the hyperpigmentation and also the correct way of using aha?I am using aha for almost a month but i still havent seen the result yet.I put the aha after the moisture .is it ok like that? btw,bp is a good product .it helps me to clear all acnes but i still get so dry my skin even i use jojoba oil as well :( my face is dry and cracky after using bb cream :(
  9. I dunno wht i shud do for my hyperitmentation.i m using the aha almost a month
  10. I m using aha around three weeks.it fades a bit n kinda slow .
  11. I only see there r srill bumps on your cheeks
  12. I am using regime three months as well.my situation is exactly same as you .i am using aha to fade scar.
  13. I got a new pimple today :((((( i wanna know if regime is useful or not .why i still get one after 3 months:((( upsettttttt