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  1. I'm concerned that it being an antibiotic, eventually the bacteria will adapt and mutate to something horrid. Can anyone shed some light?
  2. I know how you feel. It's pretty similar to how people scan the gallery for others that are worse off than they are.
  3. i know how you feel. Then I realized she's ugly inside as well as out. People in love sometimes just need to get their glasses(metaphorically) changed.
  4. Nothing to do but try and pick up the pieces. Another day, and try and just breathe.
  5. About every 2 to 3 days when I shower, I run my fingers over my face and get clumps of skin to run off. My skin looks perfectly fine prior to this, but every time I shower or cleanse, I end up shedding all this skin. It's not only on the places I have red marks but upon the places that are clear as well. Hopefully you guys have some insight to this.
  6. I headbutt females to show them that I'm fertile and ready to mate. Trust me, it works.
  7. born on a cusp. Scorpio/Libra, so I'm always fucked regarding readings.
  8. god of small things-arundhati roy virgin suicides never let me go-kazuo ishigiro remains of the day-kazuo ishigiro Fahrenheit 451 just what came to mind.
  9. why are you here nice answer. Anyways, how does this have anything to do with "emotional and psychological effects of acne." Move it to the appropriate forum.
  10. I'm helpless when it comes to Indian women, just cannot stop staring at how beautiful they are