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  1. They got rid of the whitehead but there's still a big red bump with red skin surrounding it. Uh. Dunno how I should feel. Cuz I think the whitehead's coming back. Sigh :'( Thanks for the "good luck" though
  2. Ah wow, thanks Update: I woke up this morning and found the pimple to become (warning: extremely gross) a clump of three whiteheads that looks like one huge gross circle whitehead if you don't look too close. It's surrounded by red and really sticks out of the skin. It hurts even when I don't touch it. It's the biggest zit I've ever had, I think. I'm going to the dermatologist today for that BHA and see if they can do anything about the whitehead too. (I know that it's best to leave it
  3. Oh ok, thanks! I'll have the BHA peel tomorrow. I think it's the same thing as facial... Not sure though. I was worried because I heard that BHA peel is for the discoloration due to acne marks? (I have a ton of discoloration but afraid if BHA might have some side effects to big pimples...) Well, if it manages to get rid of the pimple too, I'd be ever so glad ;u;
  4. I had a small pimple that became slightly bigger due to going out of town. It was still small though but this morning I woke up with the small pimple and red skin under it and also slightly to the left of it (a loooot of red.) Then I went to take a friend to the airport, had to ride crappy transportation under the glaring sun, sweated a lot, and now when I went home I see that the red skin is still red AND the pimple became so large and painful. And it's still red. Sigh. I was gonna have
  5. I think it's perhaps the sun and the heat (it's ALWAYS hot where I live). My dermatologist told me to stay away from the sun because it might cause more pimples/acne (don't know the difference ), but the problem is, sometimes I can't avoid going outside! In a couple days, my family's going to go for a family trip and I'm sure I won't be allowed to stay in the hotel all the time I really don't wanna go on the trip cuz my acne is finally beginning to clear up. After it breaks out due to being
  6. Ugh I feel so terrible. Had a bad day. I kept trying to hide my face because of the hideous acne and it made me look stupid. (the way I was acting, and the acne itself) Sigh. I really wish I could skip school for a couple months. I nearly cried today. Right in front of my teacher. Bad day. Bad day. Ugh. I really want this acne gone.
  7. Medication can make you worst. That's why I prefer treating my skin naturally. I will never visit a derma unless my breakouts are abnormal. I am sorry to hear that! I hope you clear up soon. I've tried naturally treating my skin for a while and it didn't work...The dermatologist did help though. I see some of the major acne gone, but these little bumps pop up and leave marks and it sucks. The dermatologist I'm going to now cured my brother's acne though, so I have hopes. And I heard th
  8. Gonna visit the dermatologist in two days. Gonna go ask him "Yo, can you explain to me why the left side of my cheek (which was almost clear before I took the medication) suddenly became covered in acne?" etc etc. More than 6 months of acne ruining my life but! I'm trying my best to look on the bright side. Lots of black acne marks/scars on my face....still some bumps...some went away but then more others came...wondering when this cycle will end.... I heard medication takes up to 5-8 we
  9. No worries, I won't cut myself. I've come to accept my acne, I think. I mean, I'm not the only one who has it. There are others who have it worse. I should be thankful for what I have. And I am. I pray for those who have it worse. I pray that they can find happiness.
  10. Oh my God...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOU COMMENTS. Totally made my day :''') I'm 16 years old right now, gonna be 17 soon. I guess it just hurts so much because I knew that my skin used to be nearly flawless just a couple of months ago. And now it's a mess. And what hurts too much and is too much of a burden for me is when I blame myself: because I admit: sometimes I pop my acne and hate myself afterwards. Sometimes I pick at scabs when they're not ready to come off and they scar (I had a d
  11. (For the explanation of the topic itself, skip to the button.) Honestly if no one reads this, it's ok. Too long, didn't read for you? It's ok. I don't blame you. I know, it's really long. I just need to get these emotions out. I wanted to do this many times before, but I didn't, and now here I type. History of me and my acne (if uninterested, feel free to skip) I need to pour all of these emotions out somewhere. I'm tired of locking myself up in my room and screaming silently and