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  1. Well maybe there are other causes for other ppl, but oil was to blame for mine. Acutane was the only thing to stop it but the friggin oil return everytime I went off of it. Two years ago I started using this stuff http://www.thevitamincure.com/ and it stopped the oil. My face and neck was pretty much cured after a year, but now all the scars and bumps are gone and you can't even tell I ever had acne. Only thing is I can never stop using it or the oil will come back, but I'll do anything to kee
  2. Haven't posted for a while. Probably won't again. This stuff worked for me http://www.thevitamincure.com/ and just returning the favor. So take it easy and don't let your meat loaf
  3. Hi guys. I'm just returning the favor for someone linking me to the http://www.thevitamincure.com/ over a year ago. All I can say is it works like accutane with the purging but a little slower but you don't ever have to quit or get a script. I was close to giving up on my face before now I almost never get a zit and my skin is dry. Prolly last time I'll log on here so good luck.
  4. After two times ion accutane I found this site http://www.thevitamincure.com/ last year and I'm still on it with no ill effects but I did go through the same purging as Accutane. Still, my face is like new again and I don't have to stop or get a prescript.
  5. The difference is that regular capsules have like 2,000IU but thevitamincure.com stuff is 25,000IU. The oils they use is different than in the pills too.
  6. I tried 300k a day and it made me itchy and peeling but didn't stop the oil completely. Topical Vitamin A has cured me completely but it's gotta be strong. Read the http://www.thevitamincure.com/ Been on it for a year now and I as good as I did 20 years ago before acne when I was 12. But a year ago I was seriously considering killing myself and I'm not joking.
  7. I started chaffing very bad after my 2nd bout with accutane. So embarassing. Flakes would show up constantly. Lotion did NOT work at all. I tried vinegar but that made it worse. Then I saw this thing about lemons on http://www.thevitamincure.com/dryskin.htm and it works like flynn. I use limes since they have more acidic and it stings a little but I don't care. Least I don't walk around work like a peeling idiot. I think the skin solution is helping me some too, I don't seem the need to do th
  8. I have been on this vitamincure stuff too for a while now. It has stopped the oil and I don't have to stop using it and get bloodtests. But I did take a bloodtest after the third month because my lips were a little dry. Doc says my liver is normal range. BP and Panthothenic (sp?) acid ain't never done nothing for me either but made me redface and throw up, respectively.
  9. Hey guys. I'm back. I was the first to post about this a year ago on another thread. Got to say it's the best thing I've ever done. Don't stop until all the purging is done. You won't regret not going on accutane again. i guarantee it. Probably won't post again for another six months but I'll let you know how I'm still doing on it.
  10. No blackheads, not one pimple anywhere, not even on my nose. I don't have any mirror aversion anymore and I've been going out a lot more lately. For those who say it doesn't stop the oil that's bull, at least for me. It used take take me a 45 minutes to squeeze out the dried oil and to wash my face. Now it takes five minutes, and I try to squeeze but nothing comes out, not even from my nose, not that I miss that activity much. These days there is only a little shine left on my nose if I don't wi
  11. read: http://www.thevitamincure.com/ was on accutane twice before trying vitamin a, and I'll never regret not going on a third.
  12. Here is what I think. Vitamin A flush skin wants to be beautiful. If there are any moles or cysts, they will be purged until no more. This is why the initial stage can be rough, and the same happens with Acutane too, except you can't stay on Acutane forever, so the Vitmain A goes away in the skin, then the oil and pimples return. You can stay on topical Vitamin A forever, but you have to make it thru the purge. If you can't do that, you won't stay cured.
  13. Check out this site http://www.thevitamincure.com/ I was on accutane twice before going on this about 11 months ago. Saved me from going on accutane again and going psycho again.
  14. 10 months ppl. I've been through 6 or 7 bottles now. It's all good. I've cut back to every other day. That's enough to keep the sebum in check. Thank Jebus -- NO MORE ACCUTANE!!!