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  1. Hey i took my blood test about a week ago, but it was basically a surprise one. i went in to my derm to ask for accutane and he was like ok, lets take your blood, "have you eaten breakfast?" i said no, he was like "good then go across the street and get some blood drawn. " I forgot that had two 40z of Old english malt liquor 7.5 percent alcohol last night, probably finishing them around 2 am. My triglicerides were 140, and when i first took accutane they were like 80 before, and 110 after my fir
  2. i'm in the same boat as you still waiting on experiences also.....
  3. Anyone had their derm take them off because their skin cleared really fast while being on it. this is supposed to be my second time on tane but my face it 98 percent clear while i'e been on it for a week. my acne was much worse before, but i've always been a fast healer. anyone had their derm take them off just because they've seen amazing results so quick?
  4. Hey i was just wondering if anyone knows why they make you take the blood tests under fasting conditions, not eating or drinking anything but water....
  5. I used Nioxin, my mom is a hair dresser and she got it for me, it was for a good price since she's a licensed cosmotologist or whatever, but it helps a grip you just have to use it exactly how it's directed, like really massaging the scalp therapy for 2-3 mintues. during accutane and a couple months after i had really dry scalp. for me it helped a lot.
  6. K, I just started accutane for the first time, my derm here in oregon said he was going to put me back on the cycle of accutane or whatever, so i figure like 5-6 months. I am going to be living in tucson for the meantime and i got a derm down there already, but my face is really really clear all of a sudden. i am afraid that my derm down there will be like, "oh you're clear you need to stop" has this happened to anyone or not? i just want to finish the whole thing so i can just have clear skin f
  7. I go to U of A, one of the biggest party schools in the nation. I get wasted 3-4 times a week i just started tane again to get rid of some small stuff, my derm is pretty tight with me so that's cool that he gave it to me with really mild acne. I took it frosh year and got retarded all the time also. As long as you drink water when you aren't drinking alcohol you'll be fine. We are all young, unless you are already an alcoholic our livers will fine. I forgot i had to take a blood test one morning
  8. Hello everyone, i am about to start my second accutane journey, first one was very good. Side effects minimal, i just hated the chapped lips. Antibiotics controlled my acne for the time afterwards (about a year), but I was just wondering if anyone who went on accutane a second time saw no or minimal breakouts after donig it the second time. My skin is not terrible by any means, but i'm just looking to see if i will actually only experience the "random zit" after my second cycle with it. Thanks
  9. QUick question everyone i'm sure the answer to this would be very useful to many starting accutane. I went into my derm today to get accutane again, he asked me if i had "eaten" yet today i had not but the night before i got wasted, had like three Old English 40z, bad on the liver. Just wondering thought if that's going to make my levels all messed up, i didn't wake up drunk or anything but i'm sure i had a lil alcohol in my system and stuff. I always drank while i was on accutane but i never go
  10. OK, I know there are a lot of negative posts about accutane. I just want to hear some positive experiences. It'll help people who have just started it and those who are ending. I am about to complete 4 months, I'm on a 5 month cycle. Finally things started getting better for me in this 4th month. I have on zit on my face. It's crazy, I was on spring break and had a lot of zits since I was in mexico and all i did was drink and eat. I thoght that coming back to college, in the blazing sun would ma
  11. how long did it take for your skin to start clearing?
  12. So for i've been on accutane for about 2.5 months. For the first month i took 40 mg a day, now i'm on 80 mg a day. Side effects are the usual dry lips, and face. Cetaphil lotion takes care of the skin and carmex for the lips. I go to school at the University of Arizona and there is a grip of sun here, i wear sun screen but my face seems to still be a little red. I have like 5 zits on my face and they are pretty small, two big ones. But I have a question for yall who finished the 5 month acctuane
  13. Ok, i've been on accutane for 2 months almost. First month was on 40 mg, now i'm on 80mg, i'm loving it so far. Anyways, i get my blood test donw and all that, but i don't even see it or hear about how it's doing. All he does is give me the test and then giev me the RX right then and there withougt even knowing my results. Anyone else's docs done that? :-k
  14. Ok, i've been on accutane for a month just went up to 80 mg for the next 4 months. My derm here on campus gave me the perscription without the results for my blood test again. I was just wondering if anyone else's doctors did this. I am going in tomorrow for the blood work and also plan on filling the RX tomorrow. Will I not be able to use it? :-k