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  1. Have u tried an acne set? I have this close friend at work. She told me that before she entered at the hospital were we work she used to have acne severe compared to mine. Its like big dark marks on her cheeks, she used this local brand 'local obagis' it include carrot soap, bleaching cream, moisturizer cream and sunblock. She said that after a few days it will make ur skin looks like it worsen but she said to persist and never disappoint just continue and it really stings. After 2-3 weeks the peelings had stop and her skin is super duper clear and smooth now. She told me to try it cause it works for her. My other friend also told me to try and ive been reading blogs about it but im still scared bcoz the reviews r not 100% positive. Have u tried those sets? Do u have still ur acnes?

  2. I dont have any acne before. My acne started last april 2014 so basically its been 8 months and ive been suffering for thosd 8months. Ive tried everything from derma to topical solution. I think my acne started because of those make up i use. I started using make up just last year when im watching my co workers put on make up so i tried too. Now i wished i didnt. Tell me what u think of my acne. Should i go for accutane now? I am using this medication for 3 weeks now. My mother said that my acne is somewhat better compared before but still. I dont want to talk to people. I dont want to go to work. I jist want to stay at home. My co workers kept commenting on how my skin was smooth and now its covered with acne. I want them to stop commenting on my face cause im dealing with it everyday and i am getting mad at them for that reason. And i also cried once because of my acne.