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  1. Thanks for replying to my post. I feel like I am one of the rare cases of people sometimes who did not have permanent results from accutane so thank you for making me feel less alone. I started the topicals & and the antibiotic 2 months ago and so far it's just getting worse and worse. It's not quite as bad as it was the first time I took accutane when my whole face was covered in cysts but it's getting there. I feel guilty feeling ashamed over just having two at the moment. Trying to stay p
  2. I took Accutane twice - one in 2009 & one in 2006. Side effects for me were rough. Was in the ER twice for sharp pains in my head that lasted for hours, mind fogginess, difficulty concentrating, muscle pains, migraines, and depression/mood swings. Had clear skin since 2009 and it just came back in January worse as the 2006 round. Debating a third just because I think I would be equally suffering on it again than getting injections. In the beginning months its mostly dry skin and muscle aches
  3. thirdtaneacharm

    Makeup Before&Afters

    For the ladies looking for makeup products for severe acne.
  4. I never had hair loss on accutane but I was in the ER twice for sharp pains in my head that lasted for several hours. I suffered through it - the mind fog, the depression, the muscle aches - and my acne is as if I never was on it. My derm just explained it to me that some people just don't react the way others do. I am looking for help but the only thing that ever worked for me was accutane. Best of luck. -Jessica
  5. Thanks for being my first commenter ) So far epidou does nothing for me as well as the solodyn. I feel like the finacea is ready to be cut out of my routine it makes my skin burn and sting. Sad to hear like myself you also were on the miracle drug twice, I am trying to steer clear of a third course as well. I still feel the mental and physical effects its done to me and I ended my second round in 09.
  6. If you haven't seen my first post** A blog documenting my returning cystic/nodular acne after 2 rounds of accutane. Considering a third but hopefully I don't have to get to that point again. Makeup tips for the ladies. Hopefully reading my posts helps you get through your acne struggle. _________________________________ After a happy derm appointment this Monday who noticed my cheeks were looking much less inflammed at the end of the week - things kind of did a 360 when I felt my c
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay line - 110% can't recommend it enough. I am wearing it before & after in my picture.
  8. Just remember there are plenty of girls with acne who feel and worry the same way about guys not wanting them because of their acne. I know up to about a few months ago when my acne came back after accutane, it did huge damage on my self esteem in going out and approaching guys. At the end of the day, stressing about it just makes it worse. I am a teacher and one of my young students asked me what happened to my face.. at first it hurt real bad but I am learning to live with it for now. I know s
  9. Hi Jason, I take Solodyn - it's an antibiotic. The first few times I took it I got lightheaded for a bit and that was it. I have been on it for two months and had no other problems. As for effectiveness, I can't give you a good answer since my acne is cystic not due to diet like yourself. -Jessica
  10. I really like how you breakup your Morning & Night Routine. How do you remove your face makeup? I have been using Yes to Cucumbers wipes and I HATE THEM - I think they are breaking me out worse!
  11. Welcome to my Blog/gallery. - Picture March 2013 - 5 minutes apart w/makeup & without I have decided to document my Acne story for my own personal reflection and to help any others also struggling who may read my posts and think "Wow I am not alone..." . I would also like to post about my makeup routine to cover acne scars. I have been struggling with Acne for 10 years. I don't mean "struggling" like how sometimes people who do not have severe acne talk about their three little dots