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  1. Is virgin coco oil the same? what bout this? http://www.naturalcoconutoil.com
  2. i ran out of doxycycline. can any one help me to buy it? or any one has stopped taking doxy and sell me? i will pay by paypal. I do not want to go to the derm because i had to pay for the fee again!!!!
  3. Anyone know where to get it cheap online that ship it overseas?
  4. wat about under head? i had 4 of them..
  5. It has help me alot on my acne. The Effaclar K works better, it really smooth my skin and prevent
  6. i had the same experience. Somehow some areas i dont have scars, after a peel i can see scars!!!
  7. Then he starts talking how people with acne are people that Masturbate and watch porn everyday<---------- linked? Everytime i ejaculate, i will get acne.