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  1. My understanding is that studies have shown the higher the dose each day, the lower the rate of recurrence. I haven't read anything about the overall dose affecting recurrence rates, but I could be, and probably am, mistaken.
  2. So, I take it I am the only one who has ever gotten this reaction.
  3. You are 15 weeks pregnent if he gives you oral? What is that, Schrodinger's baby? I'm just playing, read below. Curious, why would him giving you oral possibly affect your child? His isn't coating his tongue in accutane, is he? No, he swallows the pill and the contents never even touch his tongue. Now, those few little pills get digested and spread through-out his entire body. Think of how little would be found in his mouth tissue. Now, only a tiny tiny amount of that would be excreted fr
  4. I am not trying to judge or anything, but come on now, be real. You can't blame eveything wrong in your life on some pill that YOU chose to take.
  5. I have tried again and again to explain to my wife that getting pregnent while I am on accutane is not a problem. Accutane is teratogenic by messing with the development of the fetus during gestation. It is not a DNA mutagen and as DNA is pretty much all that the male provides during conception, it will have no ill effects on the offspring.
  6. As the title suggests, I have a genital rash that came out of nowhere. Let me put a timeline on here and you all can see how this went down. Yesterday in the morning: I had the day off and my wife and I were having some fun in the bedroom. Things of note: Did it in a new position and didn't clean off immediately aftwards. Yesterday in the afternoon: Wife and son went to market to buy vegetables and I took the opportunity to masturbate a bit. Things of note: Felt a little sore at the
  7. The worst thing someone ever said to me wasn't about my acne, but rather about my reaction to it. When I first started getting acne, I tried different things one after another. Everyday, I had something or another on my face. One day on the way to the bus stop, I was 12 or so at the time, I had to stop to tie my shoe. I could hear another little boy talking to the group as I tied my laces: "Look! *my_name* is probably even rubbing mud on his face now!" I was so angry and confronted h
  8. I don't have a clear idea what this post is suppose to be, don't expect coherency. I guess I just need to get some feelings out. When I was twelve or so, my acne started to manifest. I am not sure why, but I reacted differently than the other kids that got it. At first, I had my parents buy medicine and such, but I became crazy as it worsened. Eventually, I started to wear foundation and such. I also was drifting away from my friends and others. My baby sister had died a few years before