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    Finding a way to flawless skin. I hate my saggy ice pic skin

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  1. Well If I continue to derma roll will I have flawless skin? My ultimate dream is to have porcelain skin. MY skin is just horrible. I try not to look in the mirrors cause I just go into shock and obsess about how I can fix it. I want to try the diamond microdermabrasia now. I am just afraid of anything making my skin worse. My skin everywhere else arms legs chest etc.. is so nice. Its just my awful face. SAy a prayer for me to have nice skin again one day. Thanks so much for every
  2. I am going to keep trying with the derma roller. I read read read about it! I actually rolled last night and I was bleeding a bit much, I applied more pressure this time. I am really praying for results. I am tired of people being mean to me because of my skin. I just want to look down when people walk past me. I don't want anyone looking at the war zone on my face. and thanks for the confidence Today I am having a positive day taht I will get results one day!
  3. Ok so far I have tried Retin A (which gave me wrinkles). Microdermabrasia (which seem to of made my skin thin). Peels (which did absolutly nothing). Now I am on my 4th week of derma roller. I don't know if I see any difference at all yet. I've gone to so many derms and they all say my skin isnt that bad just get peels done. I don't understand I feel like I look like a monster and I can't wear makeup to cover it up. The makeup makes my wrinkles pores and box scars more pronounced.
  4. No one talks to me at work they only talk to the pretty girls. I wish I could work from home and not have to deal with people I'm ugly with acne scars. I missed a lot of high school because I was bullied which means I'm not to smart and I feel like it shows. They took all my work away from me. Why is life so hard I just want to enjoy it!!!!
  5. Awww thanks so much guys. I was really down today! I was in the bathroom crying cause I feel so ugly everyday. I just hate dealing with this everyday. I guess I should appreciate what I do have.
  6. All the other women I work with are treated differently. They r treated so nicely I feel like I'm looked at like I'm a disease cause my facial skin is horrid. I hate that acne is something I could never control. I'm left with scares bumps holes and saggy skin forever. I wish I could work from home so I don't have to hear how great the pretty girls r
  7. really? Im so scared of what going to happen to me in the upcoming years when I lose elasticity
  8. So I woke up this morning and unfortunatly looked in the mirror! I saw more unevenness than ever. I just wanted to cry my eyes out but I had to get ready for work (wish I could of worn a ski mask to work) Im depressed that I ever looked in the mirror yuck. My face was more saggy on the left side. My pores looked huge and like someone was pulling them down on the left side (saggy pores?). Just wondering if all the acne has broken down my skin and taken all the life out of it. It looks
  9. She is very conceided and wants me to feel bad about myself. She told me I have wrinkly skin where my acne was. UGH! This is why I don't talk to her anymore, she sends me crying for days!!!
  10. OMG your right car mirrors are one of the worst. I just want to cry when i look in my sun visor mirror. Looks like my face was hit with a million bb bullets and rocks and pebbles
  11. try some home remedies before jumping into chemicals. I think retin A destroyed my skin. It made it thin and never the same again.
  12. what a rude women for saying something like that. Sounds like you should take that crush back and use it on someone else. Shes not worth your crush!
  13. Im invited all the time to happy hour and I never go because I dont want people to look at me up that close. Although the alchohol may make me look not so bad to them LOL
  14. You have great eyes and eye lashes. Just try using a primer instead of makeup. Almost every makeup company sells it. Try looking at cvs or tinted moisturizers.
  15. I have an ex friend with amazingly flawless skin. We were shopping and she got something free from a guy which I had to pay for mine. She said because she had flawless skin she got it free. Guys do always go for girls with flawless skin at my work too. I feel so ashamed when this happens right to my face. How can I handle this next time?