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  1. Yes I use bp on my neck. However I only use it once a day, if I did it twice it would get irritated.
  2. So I've been using the Regime for my body acne for about 3 years now, and am glad to say that it works and I'm very happy with the results! For the most part I have clear skin which is great considering with using nothing I'd have cystic acne on my chest, shoulders, entire back, and upper arms. The only body acne I get now is just a little from when I skip days of the Regime, which is my own fault, if I didn't my skin would be 100% clear. My only issue is that lately I've noticed that when I
  3. But since the soap is just getting washed off, wouldn't it work better to just put on the bp gel like Dan recommends so it has a chance to work better?
  4. I use Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion (same as my face). In the past I've also done Dan's Regime on my neck once a day and that worked too.
  5. The BHA helps a lot with scars since it exfoliates. Even now, occasionally I get lazy and stop doing the Regime regularily, and I might end up getting one or two small zits, I just continue with the Regime but add the Paula's Choice 2% lotion ontop of the zits as well, and that helps clear them and get rid of potential scarring. Good luck to you!
  6. I only do it once a day. It probably takes a bit longer to clear this way, but you're right, it would be super annoying to do it twice a day! Also to tell you the truth, I would be careful with bar soap, they contain tallow which is pore clogging. I know there are some sensitive skin soaps that don't contain it. Or a body wash that is not too moisturizing. So are you already doing the bp regime? What moisturizer are you using?
  7. Ok so why don't you try changing your cleanser and moisturizer to something more Regime friendly. I too tried the Regime more then once, and realized you really really do need enough moisture for the first several months! Personally I would recommend Cetaphil Gentle Liquid Cleanser, and Cetaphil Lotion. When I got to that point in the Regime where my skin was getting totally dried out, I put the Lotion on many times a day, and sometimes would skip a day or 2 so my skin would chill out. Now i
  8. JeNNa86- basiclly yes, although you'll want to start using a moisturizer ontop of the bp(just making sure you remember!). I used the Paula's Choice until I felt like I got the maximum benefit from it, then started in with the bp. KeepHopeAlive- yup you're right, I was using the Paula's Choice and was happy that it cleared me as much as it did, however it wasn't 100% and it just wasn't good enough. When I felt I was as clear as I was going to get from it, I started using the bp first then the
  9. Yeah there'd be no way I'd be able to do this with the little bottles, definitly get Dan's gel! I find it spreads much better then the little ones too.
  10. BUMP! Just wanted to update- been doing Dan's regime on my body acne for about a year now, and it's great!!!! I really hope other people will try his regime I don't even have to use an alpha hydroxy as an extra step, and I only do it once a day, so it's not even as time consuming as it may seem, but it does work fantastic. My begining post was mostly about starting the regime, so here's an update on my daily regime: 1)Shower in the evening using Aveeno Skin Relief Unscented body wash with
  11. I do the Regime for my body acne, and I'm now clear!!!! I normally break out on my chest, entire back, shoulders, and upper arms(seriously like half my body). Also my face and neck but I've already gotten those clear. Anyway, so I definitly didn't have mild acne. However I noticed that the first time I started the Regime, it didn't seem to notice much results, I had too much active acne plus I wasn't moisturizing cause I was paranoid it would make me break out. This time around, I start
  12. Like the title says, I've been doing Dan's Regime(well, my version of it) and my body acne is now basiclly clear! I added in the not mild part in the title cause I know some people think Dan's Regime wouldn't work for more moderate/severe cases. I thought that as well, because prior to this, I had tried it once before and didn't notice much results. The problem was with all the active acne, its was just too much for the bp to work well enough. I also didn't use a moisturizer cause I figure
  13. Seems like no one here really tries/uses the Regime for their body acne. Howcome? Did you try it and it didn't work? Seem like too much work(all the creams/white shirts)? Just wondering why!
  14. I've been doing the Regime on my body(except using S.A. lotion instead of an AHA lotion). Unfortunatly my arms are a part of my body that gets acne Right now they're clear though from what I'm doing. But the thing is, I really want to get a tattoo on my arm. So what do I do? Dan or anyone else, do you know how long I would have to wait before using the bp gel on the tattoo? Is bp safe to use on tattoo(I assume it is)? Is there anything I can do to stop zits from coming while I'm not doin
  15. Thank you very much for replying Dan I'm glad you did not take offence since that was not my intent. I'm glad you will look into the sunscreen issue. That's interesting that you've seen books say not to use BHA with bp, I guess perhaps there is some conflicting advice out there. I know for myself personally, I find my skin actually reacts better to bp + BHA, rather then bp + AHA, however obviously this is just my personal experience with it. About the thick moisturizers comment...you're ri